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My Top 100 Keywords for 2009

As promised, and as a part of my yearly tradition, here’s the list of the top 100 keywords that sent visitors to this blog last year arranged alphabetically. You’ll notice that some of them are also in my last year’s list, which means that those keywords are really hot they are sending my blog traffic for 2 years already. Enough of introduction, here’s the list now…

  1. bratz dress up games
  2. copy nintendo ds games
  3. download ds games
  4. download ds lite games
  5. download free nintendo ds games
  6. download free psp games
  7. download nintendo ds lite games
  8. ds lite games
  9. ds lite games download
  10. ds lite roms
  11. eraserheads concert tickets
  12. eraserheads reunion concert
  13. eraserheads reunion concert tickets
  14. eyes like an angel
  15. eyes like an angel smiles like a devil
  16. facebook proxy
  17. floyd mayweather vs big show
  18. free download nds games
  19. free download nintendo ds games
  20. free download psp games
  21. free ds lite games
  22. free ds roms
  23. free nds games
  24. free nds games download
  25. free nds roms
  26. free nintendo ds downloads
  27. free nintendo ds games
  28. free nintendo ds games download
  29. free nintendo ds lite games
  30. free nintendo ds roms
  31. free psp games
  32. free psp games download
  33. friendster skin
  34. friendster skins
  35. gba roms
  36. gecy nw
  37. googel
  38. how to copy nintendo ds games
  39. illegal system dll relocation
  40. juno quotes
  41. juseleeno nobulega daroose
  42. macuha
  43. make money online
  44. manila ocean park
  45. marimar
  46. marimar gma 7
  47. myspace skins
  48. naruto porn
  49. naruto porn videos
  50. naruto pron
  51. naruto wallpaper
  52. naruto wallpapers
  53. nds rom
  54. nds roms
  55. nds theme
  56. nds themes
  57. nintendo ds free games
  58. nintendo ds game download
  59. nintendo ds game downloads
  60. nintendo ds games download
  61. nintendo ds games downloads
  62. nintendo ds lite games
  63. nintendo ds lite games download
  64. peter answer
  65. peter answers
  66. peteranswers
  67. pinay
  68. pinay scandal
  69. pinay scandals
  70. pinoy hangaroo
  71. prc.com
  72. proxy sites
  73. psp games
  74. psp games download
  75. r4ds skin
  76. r4ds skins
  77. r4ds themes
  78. rthdcpl.exe illegal system dll relocation
  79. rubiks cube
  80. rubik’s cube
  81. rubix cube
  82. scandal
  83. scandals
  84. skin friendster
  85. smart bro
  86. splash island
  87. star city
  88. star city philippines
  89. ttds
  90. u tube
  91. utube
  92. u-tube
  93. vedio
  94. vedios
  95. vidio
  96. www.prc.com
  97. yotube
  98. youtude
  99. yu tube
  100. yutube

Other keywords are seasonal and might not send traffic to your blog this year because it already happened, like that daroose keyword or that eraserheads concert keywords (unless there’s reunion part 2). But most of them are searched all-year round, just check them out on Google Trends.

Blog about these keywords, optimize, and when you hit the first page of the search engines, consider my link exchange offer, ok? You’ll not regret it! 🙂

That’s all for now. Happy optimization!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Thanks Marghil!

    I’m also looking forward sa part 2 ng Eheads reunion! Sige pag-aralan ko yan keywords tapos update kita.


    hehe no. 1 poster ba ulet ako?

  2. hayun! hehehe! babasahin ko na!

  3. Thank you Marhgil for sharing your top keywords. Matry nga. 🙂

  4. kuya, palink love po sana. tnx po!

  5. Thanks for sharing your tops keywords brother. As always! More power!

  6. salamat tol! siguradong yun mga anjan e makakasilat pa din sa serps! 🙂

  7. thanks for the info. heto talaga ang hinahanap kong info ngayon sa internet. 🙂

  8. interesting!

    pansin maliban sa scandal at porn, malakas sa mga search ang ‘free’

    thanks for the info!

  9. thanks for sharing. sana naman this 2009 magkaroon ako ng earnings tulad sa yo! 🙂

    regards to she!

  10. Thanks sa information,try ko ilagay sa blog ko.. matnaong ko lang san meron chjeap webshosting na okay naman ang service? Thanks ^_^

  11. May your generosity be rewaded with more blessings!

  12. What software do you use to count your site stats?

    How much does it cost?

  13. @jd cruz… it’s Google Analytics and it’s free.

  14. @otep.. i’m using dreamhost. cheap on your first year if you use MACUHA50 promo code. you’ll get $50 discount. 😉

  15. gandang list nito marhgil 😀

  16. thanks for the list.. .. it’s really a big help to all bloggers you are so generous to share while others hide their keywords.. galing.. Congrats again!

  17. starting this 2009 I can add my keyword collection thanks for sharing

  18. wow thanks for sharing to us the lists of your top keywords it really helps…5 months of blogging but $30+ earning pa…hope this stuffs will help. thank you…i add u n my link…can u link back for me plz salamat po…

  19. Thanks for sharing these precious keyword..
    I ask for your permission. I will try this.

  20. Dami nito.. I will try this and as what youhave said.. lets exchange links in first page.. I hope we can reach that page 🙂

  21. This is a great reminder that we should not forget to check our keyword stats and try to optimize the future content to what people are looking for. Many thanks for sharing your list!
    Tony M

  22. The keywords are definitely helpful. 🙂 This makes me think of putting up a new blog and suing all these keywords. 😀

  23. Aww, thanks for sharing those keywords, =) more power!

  24. Ang galing galing niyo talaga both ni Jehz! Sana may keyword na pwedeng ma-hijack na related sa niche ko. Hehe…

  25. Yay! thanks for sharing your keywords, magamit nga sila ^_____^
    more power and I agree with you Kuya, give and you’ll received more! Hehe.

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