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Infolinks Is Better Than Kontera

If you are a keen observer, you probably noticed that I don’t use Kontera links on this blog anymore. Now, I used the service of Infolinks. Wonder why?

Actually, the reason is simple. Based on my testing, Infolinks gives me more money than Kontera. Since I can’t use both at the same time, of course I’ll prefer the one that gives me more money.

InfolinksWonder how big is the difference? More than twice my Kontera earnings per day. I can’t even earn an average of $1/day on Kontera. While on Infolinks, I never had an earning less than $1/day since I installed it on my blog. I even earned up to $2.5/day.

If you are using Kontera in your blog, I recommend that you try Infolinks. You’ll be surprised on the earnings difference.

If you are trying to make money online by Google Adsense, adding Infolinks will give you additional income. Based on my experience, my Adsense CTR was not affected when I installed Infolinks. What was affected is my total online income, it increased. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Join Infolinks now!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. yep yep. I have been a long time infolink publisher (mga 4-5 months na) ang laki talaga nila magbayad.

  2. salamat idol! hehehe! pede ba dyan paypal or check lang?

  3. @jsonv… they pay via Paypal. 😉

  4. I used infolinks in my blog for a month now but the earning not so high. Still new in blogging and I had added you in my favourite bloglist as your blog is informative.

  5. Thanks for the info. I also used infolinks in my site but it was really slow since I don’t have much traffic.

  6. my first post was caught by akismet yata. hehehe spammer yata ako hehehe…. anyway, infolinks pay us with lower CPC compared to Kontera. But the CTR of the Kontera is lower than infolinks. That’s the reason why my income from infolinks is 400% higher than Kontera.

  7. yup magandang money maker ang ADSENSE + INFOLINKS combo . Sa Kontera inabot ako ng 7months bago makuha ung $100 dito sa Infolinks mukang next month or sa May mkukuha ko na ung $100 ko via paypal 🙂

  8. I agree! From my experience Infolinks is in fact the better choice for in-text ads. I wrote an analysis here – http://www.intextreview.com. Thanks!

  9. totoo po yan e ang picamedia po ba at adsense compatible?

  10. maganda nga yan infolinks, nka$100 agad ako ng less than a month. pinakamataas ko earnings in one day e $20+. kaso may downside pra skin ang infolinks, kasi kahit d siya bawal sa tos ng adsense e nakakaagaw nmn siya ng clicks ko sa adsense. kya pra tuloy p din ang kita e inilipat ko siya s ibang sites ko.

  11. I have a kontera account pero halos ala din naeearn hahaha… matry nga din yang infolinks… 😀

  12. mukang halos ng Kontera publishers lumipat na ata ng Kontera.. hehe sana tuloy tuloy lang ang mataas ng eCPM ng infolinks para lahat masaya..

    kontera is trying to hold their publishers by giving alternative deal gaya ng fix ecpm earning pero ganun pa rn mataas pa rin talaga ang infolinks..

    ang next na gagawin na alng ng infolinks is to market and invite more advertisers.. para namna ung mga lumalabas sa link natin eh hindi puro galing sa “diksyonari dot com” …

  13. I have *not* tried Infolinks (this is the first I’ve heard of them) but I *have* used Kontera. I gave them about six months, on a blog I was running. I have ~200 visitors a day, and barely earned anything with Kontera. Finally, I decided the annoying links had to go – it wasn’t worth it.

    However, I am always looking for ways to monetize. If Infolinks really is that great, it’s worth another try. I’ll sign up with your link…

  14. it is good that I drop by here
    my kontera does not give money at all…
    I will try Infolinks.. ora mismo!

    thanks for posting…

  15. Idol your a life saver! Buti nabasa ko to! Adsense lang talaga ang sa blog ko and i’m earning $30+ daily. I tried info links last night and within 24 hours I earned $19 na! Ang taas! Gulat nga ako eh. Salamat sayo idol!

  16. Hi! I’m with the new company – Q2Click, and I’m really satisfied. They have quite high bid (you can check every keyword yourself after registering), support is very nice, till now all OK!

  17. Hi, Marhgil! Do you prefer single or double underline?


  18. Oks to Maestro Marghil. I’ll try this out with my blog. Just followed you on twitter.

    Keep it up!

  19. Thanks Master Macuha. Since I joined Infolinks, I’m earning $11 / day in average. Now my problem is to get a paypal account. BPI Blue Mastercard is not being accepted in Paypal.

  20. i couldn’t agree more.. 🙂 after a month or two i earned my $100 already… ayun additional bayad sa equity sa new loaned house namin.. 🙂

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