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The Funny Bayan DSL Lola Techie Commercial

I just saw it on television. It’s funny. Lola is using Facebook and talks to her grandson. Since the commercial shows a URL, lolatechie.com, I checked it out and I was redirected to a Bayantel page giving online application to their Bayan DSL. Now, that’s marketing – funny commercial + easy to remember URL + redirect to a sales page = money. 🙂

Well, I’m not interested with their DSL, rather with lola’s video coz I wanted to post it on this blog. Found a link to her Youtube’s page. Now, here’s the funny commercial.

Lola Techie Commercial for Bayan DSL

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Uu nga. Nakakatuwa ang commercial na to. (Bravo) para sa magandang ad ng BayanDSL. Talagang pinag uusapan na nga c lola.

  2. hahhah! i am also laughing out loud with this commercial. thanks for the link to the you tube video,

  3. ang cool ni lola~ pwede ng kakwentuhan pagdating sa techie things. Next step, Online Multiplayer games! Let’s play lola! 😀

  4. ha ha, ang cool ng lola! siya oa ang tech support ng apo nya!
    galeng ng commercial ha!

  5. haven’t seen this yet, funny ;p

  6. Hahaha. you’r right, kulet eh noh.

  7. ano yung sabi ni lola? super poke? di ko yun alam ah.. wahehehe 😀

  8. hahahahahaha talo pa si mama

  9. Yeah it’s very funny! I love it!!

  10. well sana nga maipromote ng husto ng Bayantel ang DSL nila kasi sa totoo lang mahihirapan na sila makapasok sa market na monopolize ng PLDT MyDSL

  11. This is a very funny commercial. I doubt though if the real Lola is using facebook though. Hehe…

    I asked Bayantel even before this commercial if they already have available DSL lines here in our subdivision. Unfortunately, it is not yet available.

  12. funny ad but no thanks.. loyal ako sa pldt mydsl. they’re coming out with watchpad (www.pldtwatchpad.com) where you can watch live channels for free! another first from the leader!

  13. eh nakita mo na ba ung naglalaro sya ng online games? mas nakakatawa un! hahahha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFh3E2o-TTs

  14. haven’t seen this yet, funny ;p

  15. This is a wonderful advertisement. LOL

  16. MAs maganda yung isa

    Techie Lola: Flash bang na!

  17. It is a wonderful commercial that no one can compare. A techie lola a symbol of the World Wide Web is for all ages. I am really amaze to it and laugh out loud. I think it will always be to be continue there is something new for techie lola.

  18. Napolexander Santiago

    Finally, I was planning to complain that all you do these days is manipulate keywords to earn yourself some money, and the quality and point of your posts suffer from it. But now you’re actually making entertaining random posts (Hey, so I did complain *shrugs*)

    On the topic: Yung second commercial ni techie lola eh Counterstrike, though sa pinas eh ala naman naglalaro ng CS sa internet eh, it is mostly a LAN game dito. But still, It is a very entertaining commercial. I was actually surprised that my brother laughed too and knew CS kasi shooting is not his genre.

  19. @ Napolexander Santiago

    it’s not counter strike. it’s SF (Special Force). similar to counter strike, but SF is online.

  20. hahaha..natawa naman ako dun nung sinabi ni lola “superpoke”!

  21. i think it’s korny…

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