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Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez Interview On Entertainment Live

Mariel Rodriguez had a one-on-one interview with Robin Padilla on E! Live. If you missed it last Saturday, you can find a copy of it on Youtube.

I embedded the interview here: Mariel interviewing Robin about life and their love life, Robin’s past life and relationships, and why he gave Mariel a diamond ring. By the end of the interview, Robin declared to the whole world that he loves Mariel.

Mariel Robin Interview Part 1

Mariel Robin Interview Part 2

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Alam mo Msariel na paka yabang mo at masiadong plastic ka umarte sa television. I felt sorry for you pag si Robin ang pakasalan mo at baka susunod ay maging a sa singsing lang na kaliit-liit na diamond ring nasilaw kana. ano ka ba naman, mga dalaga na ang mga anak ni Robin. Ang pangit mo sa tv Mariel at huwag mo na palaging pinapakita ang mukha mo sa TV at halos kita na ang lalamunan mo sa camera. Iyan ang napala mo sa manager mon bakla na si Boy Abunda parang duplicate kayo ni Kris sa pag aarte.

  2. This is for you Brad,How could you said those mean words to someone you didn’t even know personally? I can see how bitter you are and for sure your own life sucks.I can only gauge of the language you used. Now do yourself a favor if you don’t like them….please do not bother to watch nor read anything which concerns them. The bitterness in your heart is so great.Please reprimand from commenting bad words to others.Here’s my advice to you,try to mend whatever is going on with your life before you give any advice to anyone.Go take a look at your own self before throwing the first stone.

  3. huhu, di ko sila gusto.. gusto ko si zj marudo.. umalis si mariel para lang kay robin.. sick

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