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Hit My Car And Run!

It seems that the Php 25000+ I paid for my car’s comprehensive insurance for this year will finally serve its purpose. Well, it’s just that some dude who doesn’t know how to drive properly hit my car on the parking space on the front of our building and ran away.…

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On Marhgil And Marghil

Marhgil. MARHGIL. em-ey-ar-etch-dyi-ay-el. Is it really that hard to spell? I think, this has been the nth time that I’ll be blogging about the correct spelling of my name. The insurance company where my car is insured and where I just renewed the policy for another year, had misspelled my…

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Pusang Inang Copy Cat

What if you found someone copied and pasted your work on his blog and never gave you the credits? Instead, he claimed it as his work? Hindi ba, nakakaasar? Ok na naman. Inalis na nya ang kinopya nya after kong magmessage ng dalawang beses, kaso, may pasaring pa ang gago…

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