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Optimizing A Flash Website

How do you search engine optimize a full-fledged flash website? For the mean time, while the HTML version is still on development, we have no choice but to optimize the flash website, at least for their target trophy keywords. Of course, we’ll not be able to optimize the keywords inside…

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Paradise Philippines

Philippines is a paradise. Well, for me, it depends on which part of the Philippines you are. If you are in Boracay, then, indeed, Philippines is a paradise. But if you are near the terrorists infested area where Abu Sayyaf abounds, then, you might conclude that Philippines is not a…

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3 On Top 50

Currently, after the reset of Pinoy Top Blogs, three of my blogs are on the top 50! Textmates, this blog and Pinoy Big Brother Blog all make it to the top 50!!! Wow! A simple proof that SEO-macuha-com-style really works. Hehehe. Any consultancy offer? I’m open for that 😉

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