Convert Any Youtube Videos To 3GP Format

Youtube is so popular. Mobile phone is so popular. And so came the needs to download a Youtube video and copy it to the cellphone so that people can show it to their offline friends.

WWE Wallpapers

Are you a WWE fan? Show it on your desktop! There are many WWE wallpapers available free to download on the internet. Simply googling WWE wallpapers will reveal hundreds of thousands of sites giving free WWE wallpapers. You can download Batista wallpapers, John Cena wallpapers, Triple H wallpapers and more … Continue reading

My Girl: First Episode

To all the Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (Kimerald) fans out there who missed the first episode of My Girl, don’t worry. Someone recorded it and uploaded it on Youtube (not me!). Here it is in 3 parts.

Honesty Is Still The Best Policy

What if your credit card bill shows that you have to pay an additional 50% of your expected outstanding balance for reasons you don’t know, are you going to call them to ask what the additional amount is all about? The answer is a no-brainer, right? Of course, you will.

Watermark Your Photos With uMark Lite

I want to put watermark on my photos. I don’t have Photoshop nor GIMP. I don’t need these complicated softwares just to watermark a photo. I want a simple and quick solution. So, I googled it.

There’s A Gold Hidden In A Blog

After spending 2 weeks of my life in Hong Kong, now I’m back in the Philippines. I don’t have much to blog today, I’m still overwhelmed with all the unread blog feeds in my RSS reader coz I was not able to go online for the past 3 days. Now, … Continue reading