Laklak To The Tune Of Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin

I first heard this song yesterday while on my way to the office. It was played on Love Radio, “Kailangan pa gang imemorize yaan?”. It was funny. I wonder who’s the guy behind the voice.

How To Make Dancing Elves

You saw it on Youtube. You saw it on other blogs. Now, you want to make your own dancing elves with your family pictures or friends’ pictures in it. Is it possible? Of course!

Obama Vs. McCain Video

Today is election day on the USA. I think, due to their advanced election process, we will know the results after 24 hours. If you want to see how things are going already, just visit The latest news I’ve read there is that Obama won on Dixville Notch.

How To Make A Baby

Now, that’s a nice post title to start my week. But did you know that you can make a baby easily now? In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to make an adorable and cute baby that looks like you.

iWash: Your iPhone or iPod Touch Cleaner

iWash is just a funny application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It shows a girl in a bikini washing your iPhone’s screen from the inside using a bucket of water with soap and a squeegee. Watch iWash in action after the jump.

Miss USA Did It Again On Miss Universe

What a coincidence?! Miss USA last year fell on the floor. And this year, it happened again. Not to the same person, of course, but both are Miss USA! Is it a coincidence? Or did they practice it? LOL!

The Story Behind The IE Firefox Cake

It is a known fact that IE team sent the Firefox team a cake after Firefox released version 3. But do you know what happened first before they sent the cake? Watch this leaked video I found on Youtube. Enjoy!

Moymoy Palaboy Youtube Videos

The Chinese made it first, doing a lip sync of I Want It That Way in Youtube. Now, two Filipinos, Moymoy Palaboy as they call themselves, do it better, in my opinion. And they are so popular now they are already in Bubble Gang! Here is their original Wannabe Youtube … Continue reading

Mr. Bean And His Invisible Drum Kit

This video of Mr. Bean playing an invisible drum kit is really funny. This is the first video on Youtube that I saw today, and it made me watch it over and over again. I can’t resist not to share it here. Rowan Atkinson is really talented. The timing is … Continue reading