Puzzle No. 067: GECY NW

While playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village, I was stucked on this puzzle for a long time because I can’t figure out what the answer is, obviously. Here is the question and the 3 hints, maybe, you can help me solve this one.

Professor Layton And The Curious Village

If you are fond of solving mind-bending puzzles, then, the new Nintendo DS game entitled Professor Layton and The Curious Village is a game you shouldn’t miss.

My French Coach: Learn French On Your Nintendo DS Lite

Bonjour! If you have a Nintendo DS Lite and you want to learn French, My French Coach might help you. It’s fun and educational. You’ll be taught how to read and pronounce French words by playing simple games. It will teach you how to speak basic French.

The TTDS And Why I Did Not Buy It

I bought 2 Nintendo DS Lites here in Hong Kong, a pasalubong for the girlfriend, and one for the officemate who asked me to buy one. So, right now, I got 3 NDSL in my room, because I brought my NDSL here in Hong Kong too.

Remove Those Excess Fats With ROM Trimmer

No, I’m not going to talk about getting slim by working out and eating less. This will be all about removing those excess fats on your Nintendo DS Lite ROMs so that you’ve got to save some of your microSD space for more games.

Contra 4 on Nintendo DS Lite

Up up down down left right left right A B A B select start. What’s that? Well, if you can relate, then, you must be excited with the new released game for Nintendo DS Lite, the Contra 4. For the clueless, that is a little hack on Contra to get … Continue reading