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The TTDS And Why I Did Not Buy It

I bought 2 Nintendo DS Lites here in Hong Kong, a pasalubong for the girlfriend, and one for the officemate who asked me to buy one. So, right now, I got 3 NDSL in my room, because I brought my NDSL here in Hong Kong too.

What caught my attention is that they are now selling NDSL with TTDS on their package instead of the popular R4DS cartridge. TTDS is just like an R4DS, same feature, same functionality, but cheaper. TTDS package is cheaper by HKD 30.

However, I still bought the R4DS because it’s already tried and tested with so many good reviews while I haven’t heard of the TTDS before. Another reason why I didn’t buy it is because I don’t like the brand name. Since R4DS are usually called R4, I think, TTDS will be called TT, and it doesn’t sound good to a Filipino like me. Imagine asking someone, may TT ba yang DS mo? LOL! To the clueless, TT sounds like peni$ in Filipino.

Now, I already researched on it and found its official site. To read more reviews about the TTDS, visit their official review collection here. By the way, TTDS stands for Top Toys DS.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. havent heard of it too. what i know is the M3 simply. same functionality.. different brand names lang ata un ganun.. naging generic nlng un R4DS ala colgate? hehe

  2. heard of it. it’s available now.. especially in Greenhills. naka-package sya when you’re buying a DS. Kaso, everytime you will ask about it’s features.. ang sasabihin lang nila eh..”katulad din ng R4″ or “updated version ng R4”. How ’bout the other carts? DS-xtreme and max media dock? would you guys recommend it? Tnx

  3. R4DS only supports up to 2GB micro SD cards
    TTDS supports up to 4GB high capacity micro SD cards
    TTDS has thumbnails next to the game name, while the R4 doesn’t.

    I personally own an M3 Simply and TTDS. I preffer the M3 Simply because it loads faster than the TTDS.

    M3 Simply only supports up to 2GB micro SD cards and has no thumbnails, like the R4.

    My suggestion, get a CycloDS card. It has real time saves. My second pick would be an M3 Real.

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