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Ituloy Angsulong Update

Exactly one month from now will be the ituloy angsulong SEO contest awards night. We are leading the contest noong umpisa hanggang December. Nung last quarter of December, Google kicked us out of their SERPs and it seems that Yahoo is already following their course now. Mukhang pinagkakaisahan kami ng mga search engines. Hehehe. Si Bill Gates lang ata ang bilib sa aming kakayahan eh. MSN, don’t change your mind, ok? Hehehe.

Susuko na ba kami? No way! Batangueno ata ito. Now, the term ituloy angsulong has an essence for us. If you are on top kasi, the only option for you is to go down or to stay on top. It’s hard to stay on top if everybody is pulling you down. Hehehe. That’s the pressure. Pero ngayon na wala na ang pressure sa amin, we have two options now. Sumuko at ituloy na lang ang pag-urong, or keep on fighting at ituloy angsulong papunta sa no. 1. I guess you know which path we have chosen.

So paano? May the best SEO practitioner win. Ok lang naman sa amin kahit matalo kami, newbie lang naman kami na nakikigulo sa party ng mga experts. Hehehe.

Sa mga gustong tumulong para kami manalo, simple lang ang gagawin nyo. Just blog about us and put a link to our ituloy angsulong site. Kahit anong topic, kahit murahin nyo kami sa blog post nyo, basta may link, masaya na kami nun. Hehehe. Pwede ring sa sidebar nyo ilagay. Kayo na ang bahala.

Yun lang!

PS. It has come to my attention that someone got pissed off on me for spamming his blog. Hehehe. Ok, I’m sorry. If asking for a link exchange in your blog is considered spamming, then, I’m guilty as charged. Again, I’m sorry. Peace!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. hello, i lead here from ur old site…kumusta? thanks nga pala kukute sa pagdaan din s blog ko!

    TC! -:)

  2. If I remember correctly, you didn’t ask to be linked from my blog—you put your link there yourself along with an off-topic comment that’s something like “off topic: hi! daan lang …”

    If you did ask for a link exchange—that I won’t consider as spam—I would have just ignored it.

  3. @aja lapus… ok. ok. Whatever I have written there, still, I’m sorry. But I did ask for link exchange, if I remember correctly too. Anyway, wala namang patutunguhan ito. Like what I’ve said, I’m guilty as charged. So, I’m sorry. Peace!

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