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Meet The Bloggers

Insang Nao answered this meme and tagged every blogger she mentioned on it. So, here’s my side of the story…

1. Who is the first blogger you met?
Removing my officemates-turned-blogger from the list, I first met Ning during the blogger EB organized by insan herself.

2. Who is the blogger ‘You Most Want to Meet’?
Joel Comm. His Google Adsense optimization tips on his book really helped me a lot that I wanted to meet him and personally thank him for bringing that book in the market.

3. Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet, but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
Who else? Insang Nao, herself, twice na ako nya inindian. Hehehe.

4. Who are the group of bloggers that you most want to meet?

5. Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you would like to meet right now?
Happy Slip. Because she makes me happy everytime I watch her video.

I will not tag anyone. Just do the meme if you want to.

That’s all!

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. promise this time around na pag uwi ko we’re gonna meet na talaga insan promise..

    awwwwwhh.. i’m soooo touch. and excited of course!

  2. thanks pala marhgil for the tip re: adsense… try ko talaga.. thanks!

  3. san ka na insan.. MIA tayo yata nitong mga araw na to ha. Just checking on you, happy weekend! 🙂

  4. hi marhgil! how r u na? stay happy!

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