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How to Generate Free Traffic To Your Blog

So you have a brand new blog, you have great content, your Adsense advertisement is optimized for a higher click through rate, but you don’t have enough visitors. Sadly, you’ll not earn a decent amount from Google Adsense because it’s the click that counts, and without enough visitors, no one will click your ads. So, how do you generate traffic? Here are my blog trafficking suggestions:

  1. Friendster Bulletin Board – Take advantage of that bulletin board. You have 100+ friends in your Friendster account, and since they are your friends, why not let them know about your brand new blog? Right? And if your blog is really interesting enough, chances are your friends will post it to their bulletin boards too. Or you can ask them to post it, they are your friends anyway, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, right? If you don’t know Friendster, you can do it on Myspace too!
  2. Yahoogroups / Googlegroups / Friendster Groups / Myspace Groups – Whatever niche you are into, I’m sure, there is at least one group focusing and sharing information on the niche you have chosen. So, go there, search for those groups and be a member. And of course, after becoming a member of a particular group, share them an article from your blog, with a link to your blog. I’m sure the moderator of that group will not accuse you of spamming, just make sure that you are sharing your article on the groups with the same interest as you. One group can have more than a thousand member, and if you are a member of at least 10 groups with at least 1000 members, imagine how many visitors you’ll be having. Caution: Don’t overdo it. A once a week update is enough. Just select your most interesting article.
  3. MyBlogLog – do it the Jozzua way. And try putting a picture of yourself in a 2-piece bikini in your profile, it will increase the chance of getting clicked. LOL!

That’s all.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Jozzua Way? hahahah. I feel honored.

  2. I tried to use Googlegroups and MyblogLog but don’t saw many results. From my experience more traffic come from digg.com if you write on actula theme that many people search.

  3. Even I loved the Jozzua way 🙂 Nice tips thanks. Even I believe that joining forums and groups can actually help you in generating the targeted traffic 🙂

  4. thanks for the tips, it will really help me a lot.

  5. any tips for me how to get free traffic for my blog.

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