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What Is Ismail Ax?

Many speculations has been made about the word Ismail Ax. But whatever that means, only the murderer Cho Seung-Hui knows. But he is dead now, so we’ll all rely on the speculations.

Here are some of the speculations:

Much has been made of what he wrote on his arm, “Ismail Ax.” A deranged mind? Something from literature? Possibly a reference to Islam, as some believe? We may never know. Watching videos and reading the ‘manifesto’ he sent to NBC News between the shootings sheds a little light, but not enough to know for sure. They could be just as easily interpreted to be Muslim outrage as they could be a criminally deranged mind. However, I have seen or read nothing to indicate he had any dealings with Islam. Source: Making Sense Out Of The Senseless

Hiding in plain sight is the answer that bloggers and a news networks have been searching for. When you rearrange the letters “Ismail Ax” you get “LAMAS I XI” – obviously a reference to the greatest Renegade of them all, Lorenzo Lamas. Source: Cho Seung-Hui’s disturbing Hollywood Connection

Among other theories there’s an intriguing possibility that “Ishmael Ax” (which was written in red ink on his arm – though the spelling might have been Ismail Ax”) could have been a reference to a poem by the beat poet Drum Hadley… Source: From nerd to “Psy-Cho”

What does that mean? A google search shows nothing. Maybe the readers of Boing Boing could shed some light on this?

My research so far only tells me:

-Ismail is an Islamic prophet.
-AX may also stand for the Alpha Chi Omega womenÂ’s fraternity, which I found does have a chapter at Virginia Tech.

Source: VA Tech mass shooting: Who or what is Ismail Ax

Whatever that means, I’m sure, he’ll burn in hell. I hope the Spartans kick his ass and made him their dinner. *evil grin*

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Marhgil Macuha

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  1. Marhgil, salamat sa pagdaan! Link exchange?…

    grabe no, ang freaky nung gunman. Ang twisted ng takbo ng utak. Buti walang ganyan sa Pinas! Masyado kasi busy mga ka-uri nung gunman sa pangangampanya eh. Hehehe… 😉

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