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Why Do I Blog?

Maia Jose tagged me to answer the question “Why do I blog?” I told her I’m going to answer it over the weekend, but since I can’t think of anything new to post today, I decided to answer it now.

The rule is that you should use a list format and name 5 reasons why you blog. You then tag 5 others to do the same.

Ok, why do I blog? There are many reasons and the reasons evolved from the first day I blog till now.

1. To kill boredom. More than 3 years ago, I started blogging in Kuwait just to kill boredom. I was alone in my flat, I had no one to talk to, I had internet connection but all of my contacts at Yahoo Messenger were offline due to time differences. So, instead of killing myself due to boredom, I killed boredom by making an online diary or by blogging as what we call it now.

2. To meet new online friends and convert them to offline friends. I am a shy type kind of person, that’s why my only friends before were schoolmates, boardmates, churchmates and officemates. Now, I have friends that I just met through blogging.

3. To keep a record of what’s going on on me and make reminiscing easier. I already made more than 1000 posts on my Blogspot blog and I still enjoy reading them every once in a while when I have nothing to do. To give researcher an easy task when they decided to create a movie entitled “The Life Story Of Marhgil Macuha.” LOL!

4. To help others in any way I can by blogging some helpful tips on troubleshooting something based on my experience. To let the world know that someone, somewhere, there is a blogger named Marhgil Macuha who helped them fixed their problem.

5. Lastly, to earn some money. For 2 years, I blogged without earning some money. But now that I found out that there is a pot of gold hidden in blogging, the more I get motivated. An extra $250+ a month is a great motivation. I think, I’ll be blogging as long as blog exists.

I now tag:

1. Jason
2. Yen
3. Jamie
4. Tin
5. Eroica

This meme is being tracked at SOLO SEO. You can go and add your name to the linked list as soon as your own post is up.

That’s all!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. pareho tayo.
    except for number 5.

    salamat sa pagdaan sa site.

  2. Yes, I also find it easier to interact with people online as I am wary of strangers in real life.

    You are among the first ones who have offered to help me as a newbie blogger, so I attest to #4 😀

    Ah, sana maabot din ng blogs ko ang #5!

  3. ah talaga? sa kuwait ka nag start mag blog, medyo matagal na rin pala.. I remember the story behind that.. 🙂 something to do with telecommunications diba? parang videoke sa phone?

  4. super xienah parehas ba kayo sa number 5? bakit walang laman ang blog mo?lolz

  5. gusto ko rin magkaron ng sariling blog na malupit

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