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Who Will Be The Winner Of Miss Universe 2007?

Well, that is the question and we’ll find the answer tomorrow when Miss Universe 2007 finally concludes at Mexico City. I think, ABS-CBN got the right to air it live on their channel, and they even have a pre-pageant show on HomeBoy at 8:30AM tomorrow. There are 77 candidates, and according to gambling911.com, Miss Brazil, Miss Korea and Miss Greece are among the top favorites.

I only have one bet. Who else? Miss Philippines! Ok, I’m biased, but who cares? Hehehe.

May the most beautiful woman in the universe win!

Update (May 29, 2007, 11:00AM Philippine Time): The Top 10 is already announced! They are (in alphabetical order by country):

Micaela Reis of Angola
Natalia Guimaraes of Brazil
Puja Gupta of India
Riyo Mori of Japan
Honey Lee of Korea
Rosa Maria Ojeda of Mexico
Xiomara Blandino of Nicaragua
Flaviana Matata of Tanzania
Rachel Smith of USA
Ly Jonaitis of Venezuela

Update: Top 5

Natalia Guimaraes of Brazil
Riyo Mori of Japan
Honey Lee of Korea
Rachel Smith of USA
Ly Jonaitis of Venezuela

Miss Photogenic: Ana Theresa Licaros of Philippines!!! Yahoo!!!
Miss Congeniality: Ningning Zhang of China

 Miss Universe 2007: Riyo Mori of Japan! Congratulations!

P.S. This post is an application of what I taught here. Let us see how many visitors will this post bring.

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  1. Sino pa ba? ehdi si Miss Philippines! nyahahahaha!

  2. it’s gonna be me.. bwahhaha i’m gonna be the losser! 😀

  3. ok pala mag comment dito na dadagdagan ang authority ko sa technorati! hehehehe __^

  4. Miss india in best.lolllllllo

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