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Peter Answers Delivered The Visitors

With 22,000,000 sites competing for the keyword peter answers and 44,000,000 sites for peter answer, I felt so lucky hitting the first page of Google for those keywords after blogging about it here.

So what if I hit the first page? Well, I have hundreds of visitors now coming from Google searching for those keywords. I think, as long as PeterAnswers.com exists, people will continue searching for it. So, what to do? Blog about Peter Answers and join me on the first page. Of course, you need to do some search engine optimization to beat those 44 million sites. You can do it if you know how to do it!

Learn more about SEO on SEO Philippines forum! Or if you want to learn from me, contact me and I can give you a one on one seminar with a minimal fee of 1 peso per word spoken. LOL! Seriously, just join SEO Philippines forum and you’ll learn much from them.

Oopps, if you are curious of what Peter Answers is all about, go and visit Jehzlau’s post. He explains everything very well. 😉

That’s all!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. hmmm….. interesting… 😉

  2. hello!!! hehe… hindi ko nga naiintindihan kung ano yung mga pinaglalalagay ko sa site ko e hehehehe 😀

    teka muna.. sino ba si peter??? LOL

  3. hi peter :Possible be friends CRIT Peter

  4. whats my name

  5. where are we ?

  6. who is beside me

  7. who is beside me?????????plz answer me

  8. cno pinakamabaho sa buong sampaloc?

  9. peter ikaw ba c spiderman sagutin mo ???????????????????????????????????????at cno c peter lol

  10. Type your comment here.

  11. hola
    kiero jugar
    pero no se como jje


  12. when is my next boyfriend??

  13. who is in my house

  14. whos on my house

  15. where was i born?

  16. Type your comment here.

  17. hello

  18. who is in my house?

  19. Who is in love with me?

  20. what king of truck do i have and wht color is it.

  21. what king of truck de i have and what color is it

  22. what game did i get for christmas?

  23. what did i get for christmas?

  24. who is the dumbest person in vernon,texas

  25. whats goin on!

  26. peter why dont you answer our question we really believe in you but we think we are wasting our time,,,how will my love ones love,,,

  27. what is the color of my t-shirt today??

  28. what a beautiful site. . .

  29. its my first time to try this

  30. hallo Peter how old am i?

  31. hallo Peter how old am i

  32. I think you are the first site I found who sees traffic potential in this keyword. It is a cool game, isn’t it?

  33. chi ho accanto a me??

  34. i’am small??

  35. what’s name is my best friend

  36. wich is my phone number

  37. who do i like?

  38. hello peter how old are me

  39. I only see about 1 million pages in a search for Peter Answers and 2 million for Peter Answer. Where did you get your numbers?

    Congrats on first page in either case, it’s a good accomplishment!

  40. i want to speak french whit you

  41. what is the name of my girlfriend

  42. asa nag puyo c inah?

  43. who is my best friend?

  44. who is my boyfriend?

  45. pershendetje peter answer kisha pas deshir mem tregu ku jom un e me kon jom qetash pres pergjigjejen

  46. whu is my girlfriend

  47. anu pnaglalagay mo na ”please answer” sa tnong ko e kaw nga dpat ung sumagot ….

  48. what is my brothers name

  49. holy molly! they think this is Peter Answers! 🙂

  50. who is my best friend ?

  51. sino ang di naligo sa amin dalawa ni michael

  52. can you tell me who is my love?

  53. ..who loves me?

  54. “peter please answer..”do Francis Victor Lobo who is my crush,likes me??

  55. who is my best friend?

  56. who is my girl friend?

  57. moi ses qui

  58. what is my last name

  59. cno ang real love ko at friend?

  60. which country do i come from?

  61. magpopost ako nito.. hehe.

  62. what is the color of my tshirt?

  63. please,peter i have a two qeustion for. sana sagutin mo please it is serous
    i have been ask


  65. peter cno kaya ang sasav sa akin na i love u

  66. hi peter anong pangalan kaya ang may guzzzzzzzzzto sa akin

  67. hello peter , sana makahabol ako sa aking top guzto ko maging top six ako anong gagawin ko para matalo ko cla

  68. who iz beside me?

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