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LG KU250 3G Handset For Only Php 6290!

I want this phone! It’s 3G capable, with all the features I need for a price of 6290 pesos only!

Here are the features listed on Smart Website:

Smart LG KU350 Phone

1. Dual-cam (1.3 MP + VGA camera)
2. Full color screen
3. 384 kbps internal modem (USB cable include)
4. Bluetooth.
5. Expandable Memory
6. 10 MB Internal Memory
7. Multimedia Player (MP3/Video)

And it is also available at Smart Gold Plan 800 for free!

It’s available starting today! So, visit them and get one now! 😉 Read more about this phone on Yugatech.

Picture courtesy of Smart. This is NOT a sponsored post.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. cool LG phone.. it’s so cheap.. but i’ll still go for nokia.. wala lang… i love nokia eh.,hehheeh

  2. hi there, im sorry have to right this here… = )
    but i tried writing a message for you in the contact tab but its not working, just wana ask, are u frm batangas? kz im DESPERATELY trying to reach someone i can talk to about all these things coz i really wana learn how to blog and make some money out of it, and it sucks kz eeling q no one is just willing to help, and done this exact samething for many times. but i hope kaw na ang pagasa q! = )just wana ask some few questions specially with the buying the domain part and hosting and adsense, i promise i wont take too much of your time!!! just a few questions and thats it! phulleeeezzz!!!!! il drive you to work of i have to!! = ) i really just hope you can help me with this, feel free to just send me an email so i can call or something.. thanx, and i really hope i can hear from you soon. jome

  3. Yey umabot na rin ako ng $100! hehehe.. wala lang masaya lang me.. pero kulang parin pambili ng LG Phone to.. hayyyyy.. pero atleast umabot din! hehehe…

    may credit ka din sa post ko marhgil.. hehehe ^__^

  4. Hi ALL,

    This is my first NON-NOKIA Phone.

    I bought this phone just this afternoon from a Globe Hub in Galleria w/ 0% Interest for 12 months!!

    That’s only P500+ per MONTH!

    Aside from the missing headset (2gb SD would be useless w/o it), it’s a very intuitive phone especially I’ve always been a Nokia boy even from the 90’s.

    At 73grams, it’s ergonomically slim (unlike 6300 or ultra slim edition which could be a torment when typing long msgs over the keypad)

    This is truly a feature-rich phone for it’s price and Ergonomically SLIM SIZE!

    256k Colors
    1.3 Megapixels (plus front cam)


    Grab your P500 /mo 3G phone TODAY!! 🙂

    One question though, 3G or GPRS Data Rates of GLOBE is freakin expensive at 0.15/kb = P150 PER Megabyte while SMART offers P10 per 30mins.

    Where can I have this unit open lined?

    tnx in advance! 🙂

  5. hello, im so attract in this unit really im in love not only for technology specially in price appordable wow! malapit na makukuha din kita i will get you! your mind

  6. Unfortunately I will have to disagree with you: although LG phone are cheaper than other brands, they are known to have software issue other hardware problems that seem make them score low on the reliability scale. I would go for a Nokia that is quite expensive, but it is worth the money.

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