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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I just saw the movie! As expected, the viewer will hate Professor Umbridge. I’ve read the book, so, I already know the story. I just want to see how they presented it. Well, as usual, you cannot put the whole book in a 2 hour movie without removing some scenes. Anyway, the movie is still well done. I still like Hermione, but the weird Luna Lovegood looks good in this movie, not as horrendous as I think as what the book had described her.

Recommendation? If you are a Harry Potter fan and you are following the series, watch it. If you don’t know about Harry Potter, you’ll not understand the movie, better watch the first 4 movies first. 🙂

Expelliarmus! Stupify! Expecto Patronus! You’ll hear a lot of this in the movie.

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