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The Peak, Lan Kwai Fong and Ocean Park

Last Saturday was a busy day for us, not really. We still roamed around Hong Kong and found ourselves at The Peak. As the name of the place implies, it’s at the peak of one of the mountains here in Hong Kong, giving us a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong. The place is nice, you can buy many items there at its peak price, hehehe! That’s why we didn’t buy anything, we just ate at Burger King there and took photographs of ourselves.

We also went to Lan Kwai Fong . The place was overflowing of people, music and beer. They are having this so called JulyFest. I think, it’s just the same as the OctoberFest in the Philippines. We just roamed around, watched some shows and took some pictures.

The next day (Sunday), we went to Ocean Park. It’s like a bigger Enchanted Kingdom with more thrilling rides and additional eye candies. They have this Atol Reef where different species of fishes can be found. They also have this Shark Aquarium where of course, different species of sharks abound.

Ok, let’s talk about the rides. We queued for almost 45 minutes just to have a 2-minute ride on the Mine Train. Well, it is worth the wait. You’ll feel weightlessness as the roller coaster plunge downward at a fast speed.

By just viewing the Abyss, I told myself that I will not ride that one. It seems so scary, as if the rider falls down vertically at a free fall speed from the top of a building. But when we got there, they were able to convince me to try it. So, I went ahead and tried it. And guess what, I enjoyed it! I was even asking for more after the drop. 🙂

The Dragon is the roller coaster for the brave ones. It’s like the Space Shuttle of Enchanted Kingdom. But hey, it has 3 full vertical loops! And did I try it? Why not? After passing that Abyss test, I felt I am brave enough to ride any rides. Hehehe. Yes, I enjoyed it and I survived to blog about it. LOL!

Lots of first time. It’s the first time I rode those rides. It’s the first time I rode a cable car. It’s the first time I saw unique species of fish such as the angel fish and the leafy seadragon. And it’s the first time I queued for more than 2 hours just to see a glimpse of 2 giant pandas sleeping and one taking his meal.

I still don’t have the pictures. Our official photographer (hehehe!) haven’t uploaded the pictures yet. Just watch out for it!

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