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Earning Money From Blogging, Just For The Chosen Few?

Yes, I agree, the Mel and Joey report regarding blogging is hyped. You cannot really earn that much money from blogging overnight. It took months and even years before the featured bloggers got their truckloads of dollars.

Because of this, someone concluded that earning money from blogs is just for the chosen few. And most often, they are for those who are already way ahead of the pack. Well, I beg to disagree.

You can start your own blog today, dedicate your time and effort on it, follow what these successful guys had done, and in three to six months, you’ll be reaping the fruits of success. Yes, it’s not an overnight success, you have to learn the basics and do the right thing in order for you to succeed.

Two years ago, I joined the Adsense bandwagon. I just joined for the heck of it. I just heard that people are earning money from Adsense, so I joined. Just copied and pasted the Adsense code on my blog, and continued blogging the way I used to blog. Do you know how much I got for the first year? How much Adsense check did I get? Zero. Nothing. Nada. And to add insult to injury, imagine, I was posting an average of 3 to 5 posts per day, and I didn’t receive a single check.

Then, after that, SEO Philippines’ isulong seoph contest got my attention. I did not join the contest then, but it gave me the opportunity to study SEO. SEO – search engine optimization. I researched, downloaded e-books, and even bought a book from Amazon about SEO. And after that, the next is history.

My experimental blog, textmates, constantly gave me monthly Adsense checks now. And this blog, which I started only last January, is also putting dollars on my pocket now, with a traffic averaging 500 unique visitors per day.

Am I part of the chosen few? Am I part of those people who joined the Adsense bandwagon way ahead of the pack? No. But how come I’m earning dollars just like them now? Because I followed what they did. I did not stop pursuing what I want. It’s not easy, I agree. But once you get there, all the time, efforts and passion you put into it will be worth it. Just don’t quit, and learn SEO.

Now, if you want me to help you with your blogging endeavors, just contact me. I could give you free SEO consultation with your blog. One on one. You, me and your blog. I’ll give suggestions, some tips and tricks. I’m free during weekends and after 7:00PM during weekdays.

Note: I will be at the blog party tonight, so, you might approach me regarding this if you want. 😉

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. i think, you are one of the chose few… we’ll if you’re not, you’re still earning lots of dollars 😉

  2. I agree — people seem to think that blogging is an easy way to earn money. True, it’s great that you get to write about the things that interest you, but making money off it is another thing. It takes time, and lots of trial and error.

    Oh, and I did see you at the Taste Asia party… I didn’t introduce myself though. *shy* HAHAHA.

    Btw, great choice of WP theme 😉

  3. Perhaps you could visit my blog and make some advise even I am earning from Adsense.. It is not as good as yours..By the way I receive a total of 3 cheques already.. am I one of the few..:)

  4. very inspiring articles..ngayon ko lang nabasa toh..now im inspired to become a member of the chosen few. thanks for this wonderful article.

  5. Thanks a lot for inspiring through your great article. Agree with you that it takes time to make money blogging. Important thing is to get enough traffic. If we get a decent amount of traffic we can expect some income from Google Adsense. Till I am not getting enough traffic 🙁 Yet, I have to do a lot

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