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iPod On My Nintendo DS Lite

What else can you do on a Nintendo DS Lite? Aside from playing games, you can make it a music player. And you can make it an iPod. There is this little application called lmp-ng available free to download where you can turn your Nintendo DS Lite into an iPod. You can download it here. Note: It doesn’t work on R4 Kernel version 1.09. You must have the latest R4 Kernel to make it work. You can download the latest Kernel here. I tried it and it works without a fuzz.

See the online demonstration from Youtube:

iPod On Nintendo DS Lite
Hat tip on Allan David Reyes of M-Ph blog.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. kano ds? pede dyan maple diba?

  2. Ayus yan ah, pwede pala yun, hehehe.. galing mo talaga boi, makabili na nga rin ng DS, hehe…

  3. really?got ta have one!

  4. Great addition to my DS Lite! Easy to install, too! Thanks!

  5. hello it is cool and useful but my problem is where can i get it

  6. hey your ipod for nds r4is grweat but where can i get it

  7. wait this works but u can still play games on it right?

  8. hello… hmm.. i’m not using an r4 but a ndstt… is it possible to install it also on an ndstt? or is there any other programs available to play music…?

  9. hi there.. could you please give me a copy of the system folder of n card. my n card corrupt and all the system folder software is gone.. please sent it to my yahoo mail. [email protected]. thnx for your help. :))

  10. step by step instructions on how to install would be nice.

  11. ciao a tt …o appena scaricato ipod clone x nds ma nn so cm aprire le canzoni cn esso !!!!!!!!!!!!!…
    aiutatemi al + presto x favore sn disperato !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grz a tt

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