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Western Union Quick Cash: Now Available For Adsense Publishers In The Philippines

I just saw this on my Google Adsense account today.

western union quick cash notice

Clicking on Sign-Up lead me to this page. (Click for a larger image!)
western union payment option page

Selecting the Western Union setup sent me to this page (Click for a larger image!):

western union setup page

Yes! This confirms that Western Union is now available for Adsense publishers in the Philippines for a maximum payout of $10,000. Hmmm, I think, this is a better option.

Learn more about this new Payment Option on the Google Adsense help here.

Hmm, no more waiting for DHL guys. No more waiting for checks to clear!

Update: This forum post which appears to be from Google Adsense Team tells us that the Western Union payout is free of charge! Yehey! Welcome, $24! Hat tip to Pinoymoneytalk.

Update (October 4, 2007): The official Adsense blog confirms that payment via Western Union Quick Cash is free of charge.

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Marhgil Macuha

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