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Laarni Enriquez Emailed Me?

Since almost everybody is blogging about some spam email that they received, now it’s my turn. Well, this one is so hilarious, using Laarni Enriquez and Joseph Estrada as the subject!

Here’s the content of the e-mail copy-pasted from my inbox. Yes, this one passed the spam filter of Yahoo! 🙂 :

From: “laarni enriquez”
Subject: Hello
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 21:09:08 +0200

I am Ms Laarni Enriquez,a philippino by nationality, And once President,Joseph Estrada courier mistress. Honestly I would like to have an investment and confidant relationship with you, as now I am broken hearted and needs someone to trust, without remembering my past and forsaken experiences from close confidants and family. All i want from you is to assist me make claims of some funds I concealled in a metallic trunk box deposited in a trusted company, The Amount being deposited is $13.5M united state dollars,as this was the money that was supposed to be used by the President to acquire some properties in Africa. I will forward the depository documents to you in my next mail for your perusal.All, I want from you, now is honesty and sincerity, all major cost including shipment charge,demuurages charges have already settled.

Funny. Laarni Enriquez can’t even spell Filipino properly. And she had some scoop here. They have $13.5M in a metallic trunk box. This could be an evidence for another plunder case. Hehehe.

Of course, we all know this is spam. I just can’t believe that even spammers will use Laarni and Joseph to get some money from the clueless.

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Marhgil Macuha

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