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My Keyword Research Technique

Discover profitable keywords, blog about it and optimize it and you’ll see your blog traffic increase everyday. That’s one of my secret. But how do I search for profitable keywords or keywords that could drive traffic to my blog? Here are some of my keyword research technique:

1. Top Posts. Look at your favorite blog, or a blog with heavy traffic. Chances are, it has a top post list on its sidebar. From there, you can see his trophy keyword and optimize one of your blog post for it. Sorry, I don’t have top posts in this blog. 😛

2. User Online. Look at your favorite blog, or a blog with heavy traffic. Check if he has a User Online plugin. The User Online plugin links to the list of users online on that blog and the blog post they are reading. From there, you’ll see which blog post are giving high traffic to that blog. From there, you’ll already know the keywords to optimize.

3. MVTracker public statistics. MVTracker is one of the service that tracks website. Googling allinurl:www.mvtracker.com/stats.php? (click repeat the search with the omitted results included) will show you at least 600 statistics for different site. Scan it for profitable keywords that drives traffic to their website.

4. Mapstats public statistics. Just like MVTracker, this is a public statistics of different website or blogs. Googling inurl:breakdown-search-year.html (click repeat the search with the omitted results included) results in more than 300 pages showing their keyword statistics in pie graph for the last 365 days.

Ok. I think, items 3 and 4 are more than enough for you to be busy this week. Get those profitable keywords, blog about it, optimize your blog post and try to push it on the first page of the search engines. Once it’s there, traffic will come, and of course, Google Adsense earnings will increase. And after your earnings increase, give me some Mocha Frap, ok? Hehehe.

That’s all!

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Another good tip marhgil! thanks!

    Before you post this, I got the idea when I read your ‘pinay scandal’ post..

    and speaking of that, sasali pala ako.. 😉

  2. Very nice. Thanks a lot Marhgil. I’ll be sure to include that Mocha Frap if ever I earn big with this. Hahaha

  3. Will try those tips soon! 🙂

    I have a problem though. Last time I checked the keywords mostly searched in my blog, it came up with the “desperate housewives controversy”. But I don’t want to blog about that anymore ‘coz I’m already tired of the issue. Haha. I may just have to look up other keywords to blog about.

  4. Keywords are the key to high traffic. If you didn’t get them write, you might are missing something great. One of my favorite way to do keyword research is my BLOG STATS. I keep on writing posts and keep visiting my blog stats. After some days, traffic from search engine starts pondering in and I come to know which are the high traffic keywords. Three or more posts on the same keywords and you are away with traffic

  5. Thanks alot for nice tips and comments, All are useful

  6. wow thanks for the tips, it will really help me

  7. hi marhgil. been reading your blog for a few days now, and i must say that i have learned a LOT about blogging from this site. i’m a newbie blogger, and i’m glad i found your site. i hope to earn my first $100 from adsense by using your tips. thanks a lot!

  8. hi! your site is really awesome! thanks for so many tips to increase our traffic.

  9. hello! you shared really nice ideas on how to increase traffic… i will be following your technique..hay..6 months of blogging wala parin…toinkzz…

  10. thanks for these valuable information, I will try to apply on my site.

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