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Image Ads? Stay Away From Them!!!

If you’re a good observer, you’ll notice that all my Google Adsense advertisements here are text ads. I don’t use image ads. Why?

Ask yourself this. How many times do you click an image everytime you surf the web? Why do you click an image when you surf the web? Compare that to text links. How many times do you click a link when you surf the web? Why do you click a link when you surf the web?

Think about it. As for me, I only click an image if I can’t see clearly the details. I only click thumbnail images if I want to see a larger version of it. When the image is clear enough, I don’t click them. I just look at it and appreciate it. If it’s an image ad, I’m not tempted to click because looking at the image already gives me satisfaction. Hehe.

How about text links? We are all accustomed surfing the web by clicking on text links. A text link itself is a click bait. When you see a text link, unknowingly, something inside your mind is already whispering at you to click it, isn’t it? Text links are meant to be clicked. Images are meant to be seen. Now, if you are into pay per click business, why would you prefer image ads that don’t pay you when someone sees it?

So, a little advice from me. Stay away from image ads. Use text links and you’ll see a big difference.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Thanks for the tip. Though I really think that some image ads have their own allure 😛

  2. Whoa.. I have image ads in my site.. Recently ko lang sila nilagay. I thought kasi that they look eye-catching sometimes to “some” visitors. When I was younger, nung wala pa akong alam sa adsense thingies na yan, click ako ng click sa image ads eh.. haha. baka may mga bata-bata ring mapadaan sa site ko tapos macurious sa mga images na yun. nyahaha. Salamat din sa tip na ito. Yes, text links are more helpful, (images makes the page load a little slower diba) pero it “might” be helpful kung may image ads din. That’s what I think po.. 🙂

  3. Google Image Ads might mean less revenue but they are a good way to make your website more attractive and gets high CTR.

  4. you have a point macuha, but it depends on the niche of the site on how the image ads perform. For me I have an arcade site, and most of my audience are kids, Image ads get a lot of click than text ads. Alam mo naman bata makakakita lang ng magandang image lalo na related sa site cguradong click agad. Text ads are good for blog site like this blog.

  5. Ya know, I am starting to think that text ads get more play than image ads. I recently switched over to text ads and I noticed my CTR increased nearly ten-fold in a matter of a couple of days. You would think that image ads would actually generate the most attention since most site viewers are lazy and do not like reading, but I guess they would much rather read than look at an appealing image ad.

    Sad, but true and I am gonna keep doing what works…text ads baby!!!

  6. I totally agree. I work for a SEM company and image ad campaigns have never been successful for our clients. I’ve tried and tested different sites to show them on but in the end, text ads have always performed better. I have yet to ever see an image ad based campaign out perform a text ad campaign.

  7. i agree with what you said..and i already took out my image ads right now !! It’s totally useless..no click at all for image ads..=.=”

  8. You soooo have a point there Mr Macuha.

    I ‘ve been contemplating the same thing.

    But of course it may be on a case to case basis (as stated by the others).

    Whatever works for you.

    But it works for me! So thanks!

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