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How To Get Those One-Way Links

Link exchanging is a good practice since you’ll be able to increase the incoming links to your blog, thereby increasing your blog’s Pagerank and your ranking on search engine for your target keywords. However, search engines are improving their search algorithm too, especially Google, that link exchanges are given less credit nowadays. Just look at our pinay scandal mini SEO contest. We’ve been exchanging links for quite some time now and still, majority of us can’t please the big G. Now, why the hell am I on rank #2?

Ok, here’s what I did. Aside from the link exchanging thing that we’re doing, I’ve added additional flavor on that blog post of mine. I gave it some one-way links. One-way link is a link from a site that you did not link back. So, where did I get those one-way links? Here is a list of activities I do to get those one way links. I used #1 and #5 for my pinay scandal blog post.

1. Forum signatures. Are you an active forum member? Take advantage of that signature which is displayed at the bottom of every posts you made. Usually, we just put a link back to our blog or website, right? Well, I link back to my blog, and also to a specific blog post I’m optimizing. Imagine if you already have more than a hundred posts in a single forum. A simple change of your forum signature equals more than a hundred one way link to your pinay scandal or vedio post.

2. Three-way link exchanges. This one is simple. You link to my blog. I link to your blog using my other blog. Those are all one-way links.

3. Link baiting. This is the best way to achieve one-way link, but the hardest to get. You post something interesting, people like it and link to it.

4. Sharing WordPress theme. I just shared one WordPress theme. Haven’t added one yet. But still, that single WordPress theme is generating one-way links to my blog, from different kinds of blog all over the world who find that WordPress theme worthy of their blog. Try googling “kukote in a jar theme” (with quotes) and you’ll see more than a thousand results. Those are blogs linking to my blog courtesy of my WordPress theme.

5. Links from your other blogs. I have several Blogspot blogs ranging from PR3 to PR4 with more than 20 blog posts each. Just a collection of free articles focusing on the same topic. They don’t earn even a single cent from Google Adsense. But still, I keep them for some link loving goodness. Sometimes, if I really want to get a higher ranking for a certain keyword, putting a sitewide link from them really helps, especially if I’m targeting seasonal keywords such as the Pacquiao-Barrera fight keywords. Yes, I used them also on my pinay scandal blog post.

6. Directory submissions. Submit your blogs to all the free search engine friendly directories out there. If you’re clueless where to get them, here’s something to start with. Just select the free directories, not the paid one or the ones asking for reciprocal links. There are plenty of them that could keep you busy every day.

These techniques work for me. But I don’t guarantee it will work for you, ok? Don’t bug me when you did all those things and still, your blog post did not climb up the SERPs. I’m just sharing what I’m doing, but again, if it doesn’t work for you, then, it’s not my fault, ok? Hehehe. Maybe, you need to take a bath more often. LOL!

Another thing, SEO includes a lot of waiting. You don’t do that one night and expect changes the other night. Do it tonight, and expect improvement after 3 to 6 months if your blog is new. Yeah, you need patience. A lot of it to succeed in this little blogging sideline. Just make sure you target the right keywords so that if you hit the first page, the traffic pours and your earnings increase.

Ok, bye!

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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