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Vidios, Vidio, Vedio, Vedios and Six Vedio

Note: If you came here via search engine, you can find lots of videos here. Go on, click it, that is what you’re probably looking for. 😉

Now, let’s get down to business. Those words I’ve listed on the title are not found on the English dictionary. But people are searching for it. Is video that really hard to spell? Actually, someone landed on this blog searching on Yahoo for six vedio. I have a couple of videos here on my video category, actually, more than six, if that’s what he’s really looking for, hehehe.

So, what’s this blog post all about? Some people are casting doubts on my mini-SEO contest saying that since vedio, vidio, vedios and vidios are typographical error, no one will click the search result but rather search for the the correct spelling after realizing their mistakes. Well, good point. I really like people questioning me. At least, I have something to blog about. Hehehe. Of course, they might be right, I might be wrong. So, I’ll just give my side of the story, since I’m the originator of this contest, and let you be the judge.

Yes, they are correct if the one searching are English speaking people like us. Of course, once we know that we made mistake, we’ll simply retype the correct spelling and search again. But if you look at the Google Trends, these searches are coming from non-English speaking countries, which means that they really don’t know how to spell video. Even some of their news sources use vedio instead of video on their articles. Here are samples. Hehehe. So, what’s my point? If you don’t know how to spell a certain word and you googled it, will you immediately realize that you made a mistake even if there are 6 million search results in front of you? Or will you scan the results first before checking the suggested spelling from Google?

Well, let’s just wait and see. I think, I’ll be hitting the first page next week, since my blog post is already on the second page now. Hopefully, this one hit the first page too. I’ll show you some statistics if I hit the first page.

Feeling ko, mapapaaga ata akong maubusan ng bandwidth this month. Hehehe.

That’s all! Feace!

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. hahahaha! ma post ko nga din yan! nyahahaha!

  2. @Jehzlau… sige, post lang ng post. unahan tayo maubusan ng bandwidth. LOL!

  3. reposting my comment on mcbilly.. tamad ako mag isip na e haha

    “ok… say as if they are looking for something and typed that word, your page is number one on the SERP, they clicked the link only to find out that it’s not what they are looking for just by reading the first paragraph…they’ll do the same..search again..

    uhmmm what kind of traffic are we talking about here ba hehe cause if we are just talking about some useless traffic just for the sake of saying we have lots of traffic from that word, this is not a true SEO thing…well then again, just my point of view.”

  4. Good point.. there are actually many internet users who do not speak (nor write) English.

    I have never questioned your technique.. 🙂 Nice nice.. sali din ako jan.. 😀

  5. @Amy… search engine traffic is not useless traffic. of course, we’ll try to get those traffic and monetize from them. These people are searching for video, the only problem is they can’t spell it correctly. Hehe. What’s wrong on getting them to our blog by doing that little SEO activity and showing them our blog post with all those video-related links and advertisements strategically positioned? How many of them will hit the back button and search again? How many of them will read the blog post? How many of them will click the ads? If you want to succeed from Adsense, you need those kind of traffic. Your regular readers don’t click your ads (unless you encourage them which is illegal), search engine traffic does (at least 1% to 10% based on my experience). I prefer having more search engine traffic than regular readers, but of course, having them both high in numbers is the best. Search engine traffic to click your ads and regular readers that link and talk about your blog post. If you check those bloggers who are successful in Adsense, they all have those search-engine-traffic-generating-blog-post. They all take care of their precious keywords that gives them the bucks. And their regular readers link to their blog posts giving them more google juice.

    Anyways, I don’t force anyone naman to do this SEO thing. It’s the beauty of the blogosphere, we are all masters of our own blogs. It’s good that we’re having this kind of discussion, nakakaexercise ng brain cells. hehe. Thanks for sharing your point of view. 😉

  6. hehe alright i rest my case 😛
    What i am looking kasi is the user’s point of view.. not the blogger’s ehehe

    definitely.. those traffic you’ll generate from that vedio thing will earn you money, talking about the google search at the top of your page 🙂

    frustrated lang ako kasi di ako makakasali hahhaha

  7. @Amy… hehe. ok lang yan. Pwede ka naman sumali, techie.. gawa ka ng video review ng isang gadget, pero kunwari nagkamali ka ng spelling sa word na vedio. Hehe. unti-unti nang dumarating ang traffic from vedio related keywords here. 🙂

  8. Ubusan na naman ng bandwidth. haha! Ma-try nga rin nga yan sometime. Useful din pala ang mga keywords na misspelled ano. ^_^

  9. hehehe. super late reaction ko…this is nice!

  10. i need video of maricar reyes & hyden kho sex sala. i never yet downloaded it.

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