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5 Useless WordPress Plugins

These WordPress plugins are useless in my opinion. They might be useful to you, but they do more harm than good to me, that’s why I’m not using them. Harm? They give my server extra thing to do which will not help me anyway. I’m not linking to them because I don’t want to.

1. Word Count Plugin. Do your readers really wanted to know how many words are there in your post? So what if you used 1000 words in your post? What matters for me is if you write interesting content. It doesn’t matter whether your post is long, it all depends on what you’re talking about.

2. Time To Read Plugin. A plugin that tells people how long will it take them to read your post. Come on, do I really need to know that? Simply gazing your post will give me an idea on how long will it take me to finish reading your post. Besides, people read at different speeds, so, it is still inaccurate. You’re just giving your server’s CPU an extra worthless thing to do.

3. Youtube Plugin. Plugin that tells you that you needed them to easily insert Youtube videos on your posts. Why do I need this plugin when I can insert Youtube videos by simply copy-pasting the embed code and it’s all done?

4. Social Bookmarking Plugin. Plugin that automatically creates a link for visitors to easily submit your post to these social bookmarking sites. Tell me, how many of your visitors actually used that? Do they really care submitting your blog post to these sites? If they really like your post, they will submit it to these social bookmarking sites even if you don’t have those links.

5. Google Pagerank Plugin. A plugin that will show your visitors your Google Pagerank. Do I really need a plugin for that? People who are interested in my Pagerank actually have the Google toolbar installed in their browsers where they can see my blog’s current Pagerank. People who are clueless about Pagerank don’t need to see it anyway.

Ok, enough said.

P.S. Speaking of WordPress, go and take a look at Mcbilly’s blog. He has a nice contest going on there. He’s giving away a professionally made WordPress theme.

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