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Adsense Update: Ad Below Misleading Post Title Is Not Allowed

Google Adsense’s official blog announced today that an ad below a post title is not allowed. Here’s what is written on their post:

1. Ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.
For example, ads shouldn’t be placed under titles such as “Dallas Business Opportunities” or “Today’s Hot Deals”. Placing ads directly below titles such as these implies to your users that the links in the ads are publisher-created content. The example below shows a placement that does not follow this guideline.

Illegal Adsense Placement

It means that my tip on ad placement on this post is already illegal now. I updated my template and as you can see now, my post wraps around the ads now. I think, you can distinguish the ads from the content now unlike before. Well, I will still e-mail Google Adsense to make sure that my implementation now does not violate their TOS. Hope this change will not dramatically affect my CTR.

Update: Rereading it tells me that we can still put ad below the post title as long as the title is not misleading. However, due to the way I put titles on my post, like “Friendster Skins” or “Batangas Beach Resorts”, which seems misleading to me if an ad is directly below it, I just decided to wrap around the post on the ads than reviewing each of my post to correct it.

Update 2: I removed the wrap around and instead put the ad after the Kontera notice and invitation to RSS subscription. I’m not sure if this does not violate the TOS anymore, but I think, it isn’t. I’ll e-mail Google for confirmation. 😉

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Marhgil Macuha

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