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Adsense Update: Ad Below Misleading Post Title Is Not Allowed

Google Adsense’s official blog announced today that an ad below a post title is not allowed. Here’s what is written on their post:

1. Ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.
For example, ads shouldn’t be placed under titles such as “Dallas Business Opportunities” or “Today’s Hot Deals”. Placing ads directly below titles such as these implies to your users that the links in the ads are publisher-created content. The example below shows a placement that does not follow this guideline.

Illegal Adsense Placement

It means that my tip on ad placement on this post is already illegal now. I updated my template and as you can see now, my post wraps around the ads now. I think, you can distinguish the ads from the content now unlike before. Well, I will still e-mail Google Adsense to make sure that my implementation now does not violate their TOS. Hope this change will not dramatically affect my CTR.

Update: Rereading it tells me that we can still put ad below the post title as long as the title is not misleading. However, due to the way I put titles on my post, like “Friendster Skins” or “Batangas Beach Resorts”, which seems misleading to me if an ad is directly below it, I just decided to wrap around the post on the ads than reviewing each of my post to correct it.

Update 2: I removed the wrap around and instead put the ad after the Kontera notice and invitation to RSS subscription. I’m not sure if this does not violate the TOS anymore, but I think, it isn’t. I’ll e-mail Google for confirmation. 😉

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. How I understand this thing is. this is only illegal if it directly implies about the ads.. sc as “Click this ” , “Different Insurance”,

    If our Title will involves such words like enumeration ..

    This might endanger our account

  2. @Dexter… yup. and most of my titles are implying enumerations, such as “Batangas Beach Resorts”. hehe. so, better safe than sorry, i wrap around ko na lang. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tip! I just updated my adsense banner on the template! Whew…

  4. oo nga, binigay mo na saking tong tip nato sa pinoybanda.com before.. misleading din title ko dun.

  5. mm safe pala ako.
    but then again I still don’t have that much traffic =(

  6. Malamang apektado CTR ng canada blog ko. but just the same, binago ko na rin. hehe!

  7. I think you should include in your email to google that they shouldn’t underestimate the people who clicks or patronizes google adsense ads, why? reason is, even if an ad is after a blog post title, still a big bold ADS BY GOOGLE is splashed in the ads. So i hope they should give people some brain too. What i meant is most likely people know its an ad anyway with those BIG BOLD BLACK “ads by google’ in every ad..

  8. @Lisa Macuja… I sent the e-mail already eh. If you want, you can ask, here’s their email: adsense-support(at)yahoo(dot)com. btw, nice nick 🙂

  9. Lisa Macuha?the famous ballet dancer? 🙂

    Sir Marghil, correction lang po..sa adsense-support(at)gmail(dot)com po dapat masend ni lisa macuja..baka masend niya sa yahoo…=]

  10. @EntrepreNars… sorry. my bad. actually, dapat adsense-support(at)google(dot)com. kulang na talaga ako sa kapeng barako. mali-mali na eh. hehehe

  11. sir marghil…

    question I saw knina na intext ung placement mo ngayun nasa baba na ng More ung adsense mo panu ginawa mo dun?

  12. i see na you put it pala below sa kontera paragraph mo

  13. It is not really ILLEGAL to place ads below the post title. That new policy only applies if your title is MISLEADING. So I am keeping my ad placement as is.

  14. lately adsense has been changing their policies and imposing new rules.. bat kaya? anyway, i have to go over my every blog and check if they comply with the new rules. I don’t want to get banned.. thanks for letting us know..

  15. google emailed me last last day regarding this. ganyan kasi ung ginawa ko dun sa video blog (yuvutu.niessuh.com) ung adsense na large rectangle nandun sya below sa title. tapos ayun email ako ni mr.

  16. marghil, may mga trackbacks ako dito. nasalo ata ng akismet hehe 🙂

  17. lol naman ung adsense-support [@] yahoo.com 🙂 epek2 ng mataas na traffic lol

  18. i’ve noticed this new guidelines is for wordpress blogs only.adsense already disabled ads on blogspot entries.

  19. Automatic pala ung trackback hehehe…

  20. boss pano mo pala nagawa na nasa bandang middle ng post mo ung adsense ads mo? salamat po 🙂

  21. @Glenn… yung first paragraph kasi, siningit ko lang yun sa template, Kontera notice at RSS subscription invitation. so, after nung paragraph, saka ko siningit yung ad 🙂

  22. Marhgil, may question ako… ok lang ba na may kasunod na ad boxes agad ang Google ads? I mean, for example, may Google Ad box tapos immediately below it, Project Wonderful ad boxes naman. Walang ibang content in-between these two. Salamat in advance sa advice!

  23. @Watson.. i think, ok lang. As long as the other ad doesn’t mimic Google ads.

  24. most of the people are not changing their ad placements after this rule… you can place a word like “advertisement” this will help to make the ads placement legal… i hope so

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