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Google Dropped The Bomb On My Blog Today!

Today, I was shocked by checking my traffic stats. Look!

GOogle Penalized ME?
Obvious Drop In Traffic

So, what happened? I investigated and found out that Google dropped most of my posts on their first page. So, what am I gonna do? I’ve just read Alister Cameron’s similar experience and Brent Hodgson’s solution to his problem. I investigated further based on their suggestions and here are more of my findings.

  • My site is still ranking for some popular keywords. (eg. splash island, macbook air philippines)
  • My site is still indexed by Google.
  • No crawl errors on my Webmaster Tools account.

Since everything is fine on my side in my opinion, all I have to do is cross my fingers and wait for 4 days and hope everything goes back to normal.

Wish me luck, or else, I’m back to $100/month Adsense income. 🙁

If all else fail, I still don’t know what to do. Any advice? Like what I’ve said, I’m not an SEO expert, just an SEO addict. 🙂

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. as what you said.. Wait and see.. Google might also alter their algorithm.. Because some of the keyword which are not ranking well in my other blogs now ranks well .. Based on my observation Google is now focussed to PR.

  2. Anton of Awesome Planet experienced this for around 4 months. He didn’t even know what he did. Anyway, his traffic went back. I’ve only experienced low ecpm but traffic has always been the same in all my sites.

  3. ok lang yan mataas parin ang trophy keyword 😀 wahehe

  4. Maybe another site trumped some of your keywords. Sometimes I don’t get Google. My site used to be *not” on page 1 for the keyword “tongits” when it’s the #1 result on yahoo. What I did was edit some of the meta tag data but still ended up on #2 on google. Good thing the #1 result is still my other (free) tongits site.

  5. yeah, i have noticed your not ranked at naruto wallpapers anymore.

  6. babalik din yan. 🙂

  7. aray.. that’s painful kuya.
    Pero I think it’s an algorithm change. I’m getting a steady flow of traffic but from older, non-popular posts o.O

  8. i always experience that. Most of the time, I enjoy the high rank on Google SERP on particular keywords but after a month or two, my pages are out on the top 10 SERPages. What I did to maintain the traffic is to continuously write content, SEO them and work hard to win the top SERP.

    After all, we are all competitors (even if we don’t consider ourselves as competitors). Everyone of us are working hard to top the SERP. If someone successfully top the SERP, then those in the top will fall….

    Just work more harder. Those who are passionate enough will surely win.

    And wait…. Google is always changing its algo, we need to know what are the changes by doing experiments.

  9. This happened to my blog also, it went back to normal after a week. Then after a week disappeared from the SERPS again then became normal again. Happened one more time after that, I think it’s google’s way of reminding us that they own us. 😉

  10. i think mrami kana kalaban sa mga keywords mo.. kaya bumababa na traffic mo

  11. I think, it’s not about competition eh. kasi, kung competition lang, i should drop, one page, or 2 page lang, tapos, isa, or dalawang keyword lang. pero ang nangyari, overnight lang, halos 75% ng keywords ko, itinapon yung post ko sa kangkungan. hehe. so, there must be some algo changes, or i might be penalized. or sabi rin nga nung si brent hodgson, data update lang. ewan natin, pero sa ngayon, unti-unti na umaangat yung traffic. some of the keywords are coming back. 😀 sana, tuloy-tuloy na ito.

  12. oo nga.. something is changing right now… pansin ko din

  13. thats the price of being sikat.. 🙂 ..

  14. @rodel… no. that’s the price of overoptimization. 🙂 napasobra ata ako sa link building, nawala tuloy sa ranking. 😀

  15. I also experienced that…. can you suggest a way to avoid that horrendous phenomenon??

  16. sir, i think we have the same problem.. Please read this: http://didyouknow.blogsome.com/2008/05/02/google-removed-my-site/

    I really need an answer to this.

  17. problem ko rin ito ngayon, 1st day. wala pang 1$ tuloy kinita ko today. urgh!

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