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Macuha.com On TV?

That should have been my first TV appearance. People will come to see my blog and tell me that they saw me on TV. But it did not happen.

Honestly, when Noemi texted me and called me last week about guesting on Shop Talk on ANC Channel, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to go but I simply can’t. I was at the office, just finished my lunch when I received the text message and her call afterwards.

Marhgil On TVShe informed me around 1:00PM asking me if I can attend the Shop Talk taping at 3:00PM. I declined because I can’t simply go out of the office telling my bosses that I’m going on leave for a television interview on a topic that is not totally related with my job. 🙂 Problogging is just my sideline and I’m still a corporate slave tied to the cubicle everyday for 8 hours.

But honestly, I am really flattered to get that invitation. If only it was scheduled on weekends, I’ll gladly come. Imagine talking about blogging and making money online side by side with bloggers Noemi and Angelo. I don’t know if my knowledge is at par with them, but at least, I could share my keyword hijacking techniques. 🙂

Well, I guess, it’s not yet my time to be seen on TV. Maybe, later. If you want to invite me for an interview, just fill up the contact form. 😉 Asa pa! Hehe. Pwede na, kahit sa Going Bulilit. 🙂

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. wow sikat! pero marami pang bukas.. next time sa GMA na! 😀

  2. am sure you have a lot of knowledge on problogging. There will be other shows. Shop Talk was shown also in the states. In fact while the show was still live, someone emailed me from Nevada. Anyway, next time na lang 🙂

  3. AHAHAHA going bulilit. dapat may dala kang corny jokes sakaling magguest ka dun! katulad ng

    Anong hayop ang sumasabog?


    E di…. PAGONGGGG!

    gasgas na gasgas na. ahehehe magshare ka naman ng joke kung may alam ka.

  4. LOL, wrong timing sila.
    Sayang naman at corporate slave ka pa, hehehe…
    Well, I’ll just wish you luck on the blogging world. 😀

  5. sayang… pagkakataon mo na sana… idol 😉

  6. sayang nman yun. Panigurado magiging # sa youtube un sa dami ng fans mo heheh!

  7. sayang naman yon… naalala ko yung interview skin ng gma 7 about alarm system tapos nung pinanood namin inalis yung part ko bwahahaha

  8. Galing ah.. ako kaya kelan maiinterview`? Kaso kailangan ko pang bumili ng ticket international flight ha ha a ha.. pero pwede sa vacation he he he

  9. sikat kna bossing, astig!!!

  10. Wow superstar ka na talaga kapatid! san ka kaya sunod na guest? Abangan namin yan! hehehe

  11. buti na lang hindi natuloy kasi hindi ko mapapanood kung sakali 😀 ngayon ko lang kasi nalaman hehe

  12. kala ko full time blogger ka, marhgil! But anyway, sikat na sikat ka rin.

  13. hindi pa fulltime si marhgil what more pa ..power /gg

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