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Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain On WWE Raw!

Yup, they were at the WWE RAW! Not to wrestle (I wish they did!), but to give a short message to the WWE fans. Of course, they tried their best to blend their speeches with WWE language.

Hillary Clinton says, “I’m ready to rumble.”

Barack Obama says, “Do you smell what Barack is cooking?”

John McCain says, “I’m going to introduce Osama Bin Laden to the Undertaker.”

Just watch this Youtube video to listen to their full messages. 🙂

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain on WWE Raw

Update: Hillary and Barack actually made a wrestling fight. But Umaga wins. Haha! Now, that’s entertainment. 🙂

Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. hi po,

    ask lng po sana aq kung panu po mgpa.register xa blogbank,

    thanks you po. 🙂

  2. The things they’ll do for publicity.

    It is sad though that they need to resort to measures like that to reach the youth who should be well-aware of the voting situation.

  3. smell what barack is cooking? lol

  4. Yeah, those segments were horrible, and as a wrestling fan, I felt like my intelligence was insulted.

  5. I think it says a lot about the audience of professional wrestling. There are a lot of fans of pro wrestling and the WWE. its not often that candidates get to address thousands of them all at once.

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