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Directory Of Firewall Articles

The site is an article directory but they specifically asked for a review of their firewall articles directory.

Their article directory is not your ordinary directory because they claimed that their articles are unique, nowhere to be found on the internet aside from their site. I did some random checking by copying a sentence from one of the articles and googling it and I did not find an exact copy of their articles. So, it seems that they are true to what they claim.

However, it seems that their Firewall articles category contains only 6 articles which were all submitted last November 20, 2007 by someone only known as yves d. I’m not an internet security expert and the only thing I know about firewalls is that it provide an added security to the computer network. I cannot vouche for the accuracy of the articles there and it seems that the website owner is not sure too. They have a legal notice telling that “Our website is not responsible for the information contained by this article. Web-articles is a free articles resource.”

I suggest to the website owner to put an About the author section so as to show who the article writer is. An article is nothing but trash if no one is willing to take responsibility on what he has written. I will not trust an article about security written by someone who identified himself only as yves d. If there’s an About the Author page that tells me that yves d. is an internet security head of a certain company, then I might believe his article, otherwise, I’ll just read it and still look for additional information.

This site obviously needs more article. It’s good that they already have 6 articles on firewalls, but to be a more comprehensive article directory, it really needs support from the user. If you are a firewall expert, consider submitting them articles. And introduce yourself clearly as the author. Use your full name so that people reading your articles can still google your name to verify your authority on the subject.

As a conclusion, this directory is good but it still needs improvement. I hope the website owner consider my suggestion.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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