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How To Solve The Rubik’s Cube

This Youtube video tells it all. Solving Rubik’s cube easily. Actually, this tutorial is the one I find easiest to follow. And a week of practice will make you a Rubik’s Cube master, I think. I’m gonna buy one today and see if I can master it during the long weekends. I just need to master 7 algorithms and practice, practice and practice. (I’m going to download these videos on my Nintendo DS for easy access.)

How To Solve Rubik’s Cube Part 1

How To Solve Rubik’s Cube Part 2

Here is the list of algorithms used in the tutorial.

1) Fi U Li Ui
2) Ri Di R D
3) U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F
4) Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi
5) F R U Ri Ui Fi
6) R U Ri U R U U Ri
7) U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L

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