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Banco De Oro’s Internet Banking Support Sucks!

Why? Because it took them more than a month before they were able to merge my EPCI e-banking account and BDO e-banking account. Their website says that the turn-around time for this request is only 3 to 5 days, but due to reasons unknown to me, it took them more than a month to merge it. What kind of support is that?

It took me 5 follow-up calls at different dates before they made the merger. The agent always tells me that they already made a follow-up on it, and they will just put another note that I called again. I cannot blame the agent, they are just answering the calls and making requests to people at the backend side to do the job. The problem is it seems that the people at the other end are not reading the requests despite the numerous follow up that I made.

Damn, it took more than a month before my glass went full. So,when I called today, I told the agent that I don’t want them telling me that they are just going to make a follow-up note again. One month has passed, I already made numerous calls and the people on the other side that has to do the merger are either ignoring my requests or just really plain lazy. I told them to transfer my call to their supervisor.

So, the supervisor took my call. The supervisor put me on hold and studied my case, and when she got back, she was very apologetic. She then put me on hold and called those people that are ignoring my requests.

Finally, after being put on hold for quite some time, the supervisor told me that she’ll just call me because she’s putting me on hold for a long time already. I gave her my cellphone number and waited. After an hour or so, she called me and told me that they are already processing it. At 5:00PM today, she called me again and informed me that it is already done. Finally.

The supervisor did a good job. If only I’ve requested talking to a supervisor on my second follow up call then, it would not have took a month.

But really, do I really need to request to talk to a supervisor before I could get my request done? That’s simply BS. People should do their task given to them. With 5 follow-up calls, I can’t find a decent reason why they can’t merge it. Why do they need a supervisor to follow it up for them to do their job? What are they doing the whole month I’m calling and following it up? Watching Wowowee?

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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