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Daniel Dingle’s Water-Powered Car

With the increasing prices of oil, search for a water-powered car increases. Look at the Google trends. People are really looking for an alternative energy sources. Of course, if a car can really be powered by water, then, our problem is solved, coz water is everywhere here in the Philippines. (especially in Malabon during rainy days. 🙂 )

One of the most viewed videos today on Youtube is the water-powered cars made by the Japanese. This is it:

Japanese Water-Powered Car

However, do you know that more than 30 years ago, a Filipino by the name of Daniel Dingle invented the same car? Watch his video:

Daniel Dingle’s Water-Powered Car

My question now is where is Daniel Dingle? What happened to his invention? A little googling led me to the Daniel Dingle foundation site, which was set up as “a strategic alliance partnership between Ethos World GmbH Schweiz and Daniel Dingle, the Filipino Inventor, to commercially develop his inventions and to promote their benefits so that everyone in the world can gain from their unique properties.”

So, if this is true, it seems that Mr. Dingle already signed a partnership with a foreign company to commercially develop his inventions. So, are they selling Daniel Dingle’s water powered cars now? I did not see any car for sale on the site, but I see some car kits for sale, which they branded as Ethos HyroGenX. You can find their sales page, complete with prices here.

Now, do they have a branch here in the Philippines? I can’t find one. 🙁 If only I could convert my car to a water-powered car, I would have saved at least Php1000 every week.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. DOST is goood for nothing….. di man lang nila sinuportahan ang technolohiyang pinoy… tsk tsk

  2. i guess its not DOST, its the big oil corporation.. ano nga naman ang laban ni Mr Dingle sa malalaking oil company.. about DOST not supporting Mr Dingle? well its a capital “C”.. corruption

    i remember the movie of Keanu Reeves “Chain Reaction”

  3. sheesh…Sayang naman yung kay Mr. Dingle. Bata pa ako nung una kong narineg ung invention na yan e.

    Pero hindi po kaya kalawangin ung makina pag water yung ginamit? Sorry, wala akong alam sa mga koche at makina e.. :-S

  4. Yap, old news na ito. Parang noon ko pa nga narinig ang invention na yan.

    Iba kasi dito sa atin, medyo kulang ng support ang mga pinoy inventors kaya pumupunta sila sa ibang lugar. Mas may chance pa dun na makilala at mabenta inventions nila.

    I’m sure Daniel Dingle is a very rich man now!

  5. RonaldMojica.com

    Nice on SEOing this keyword….

    pero look, water will be used on this cars? my professor in mechanical engineering subject never agreed on Water Fueled Car. Even though he is a mechanical engineer and it would be a benefit to have a water fueled car he really insist on the WATER Cycle…

    sabi nya if we used water on cars maiiba daw ung WATER CYCLE… mmmm.. if you will think of it mejo awkward kung iisipin pero may point… water cycle process in natural way if we will change a bit siguro magkakaron ng global changes wahahahahh…

    pero the sad news is… we are the first one to invent this thing.. pero kapwa pinoy ang nagpabagsak sa kanya.. kesyo may issue sa water na ginagamit sabi ng nagtest ng project na to kaya declined… pero di nila nakita ung future issue o anu na ngayun ung issue on FUEL.. whahaha MAHAL!!!

    sayang if we invested on it maybe some great companies will invest on this project we know that we don’t have the money and the technology to make a bunch of this water fueled car pero we have the patent HAYS pinoy nga naman tapos biglang manghihinayang na sana tinuloy na lang..

  6. magandang keyword yan ah 🙂 hehehe… ako sana mag ka car muna.. then water powered car 😀

  7. It’s true.

    It’s all Dingle’s idea. It has been proposed to Philippines’ market during Corazon Aquino time, and since Aquino alliances are Cojoancos and Ayalas, who own large shares on gas companies, they rejected the proposal.

    Then Dingle, hopeless of being successful in the Philippines, sold his idea to Japan, Germany and US.

    *this information has no concrete basis but I strongly believe in it…

    Now, I don’t think LTO will let you register water-powered car…

  8. He invented this water-fueled car 1969. All Phil. presidents did not approve and will not support him except Pres. Estrada. Unfortunately, he was forced out of his position in a coup. Can you imagine how this invention will improve the lives of all Filipinos for many generations? It’s unfortunate that we have a greedy government who is so afraid to lose revenues from oil companies. It will also impact the middle east countries or oil-producing countries and will lose the only natural resource where they get their wealth. I hope that they won’t be able to buy weapons or terrorize helpless people when that happens. Eventually, it will happen especially with the rising cost of fuel. It doesn’t matter who will mass produce that car but one day it will happen. Crude oil will become obsolete.

  9. great Filipino inventor Daniel Dingle
    why right now they not use a water, because not real to work in the car


  10. i pity engr. Dingel, for 30 yrs.holding his secret & not wise enough to distribute it publicly against the big 4..unless there’s threat in his life. FYI: Yahoo news recently “One of the inventor of water for fuel Stan Meyer of USA was murdered by big petrol…The late Nikola Tesla have failed to fully realize their dream of HELPING OTHERS, and great inventions got lost. The problem was always secrecy and greed. Now? big petrol cant murder the website, its all over. FUEL CELL, NATURAL GAS, HYDROGEN WATER video demos, etc…. The fuel cell stacks produces electricity …on the other hand catalyst separates hydrogen from water, hydrogen will go to the manifold (carburator) & oxygen water exits out of muffler, no pollution. Its not actually 100% hydrogen fuel, you still need gasoline or crude to start the engine & switch the catalyst gadget to get hydrogen fuel….And Dingel’s invention is outdated.

  11. hanzelle_solutions

    The principle in life and intention of Daniel Dingle is simple, that is to help the people thru his invention. The situation and what was transpired in the past where political pressure prohibits his invention to be commercially available or be recognized globally is not important anymore and should be treated things of the past (thats the reality of life). Some may say that his invention is outdated or not complete or technically perfect . Invention not only means creating totally a new product or system. Mr Dingle was able to modify the process which also introduced an alternative fuel (even it is not as good as the convetional one). The involved process is still in line with science and it’s amazing he was able to figure it out. Now is the right time for Filipino people to take advantage of it and use his invention locally to ease everyday burden of high cost of fuel in this time of battle of survival. Local leaders should look into it to put pressure to the national level leaders to make available the invention of Mr. Dingle at reasonable cost. But, SAFETY and risk assessment must be the top priority to consider also. We dont have to wait for the introduction of expensive or commercially available cars that runs on the same principle of Mr Dingle’s invention. Mr Dingle deserved National recognition and proper support and compensations .

  12. DR. Daniel Dingle wherever you are may God bless you and sana maging matagumpay ka sa mga gawa mo. hindi man dito sa pilipinas at least naka contribute ka ng iyong kagalingan sa buong mundo maraming salamat sayo sir proud to be a pinoy

  13. Hello,

    You have received this e-mail because your address was publicly posted on a website that Google returned when searched for “Daniel Dingel”. Based on your comment(s) publicly posted, we have decided to contact you to announce that Mr. Daniel Dingel now has an official website:


    that you can visit. Para patunayan rin na hindi ito spam lamang, talagang Filipino ang may gawa ng website. (Tagalog: To prove that this is not spam, Filipinos really made the website.)

    Please visit http://DanielDingel.com for more information.

    If it was not your intent to be contacted online for any links to Mr. Dingel’s online presence, we apologize.

    Thank you.

  14. sabi nga ni Mr. Dingle ayaw ng WORLD BANK/IMF na madevelop ang invention nya kc hawak nila tayo sa leeg pati na ng mga higanteng OIL COMPANY..bwiset!!!


  16. Mr Dingle is a VERY SELFISH PERSON.!! sabi nya gusto sya makatulong sa atin. e di kung walang politico/corporasyon na mag finance ng kanyang invention dahil sabi nila ayaw ng BIG oil CORPORATIONS sana pinamigay nya sa sambayanang pilipino nag secreto ng kanyang invention! nakatulong na sya, nakaganti pa sa mga Dambuhalang OIL corporations..say nyo???? Hindi na tatagal ang buhay mo, matanda ka na Mr. Dingle… gumawa ka na lang ng ULTIMATE sacrifice para makatulong sa lahat ng pinoy..

  17. Tingnan natin Mr. Dingle kung hindi magbagsakan ang mga Oil Corporations. Biro mo IKAW ang nagpabagsak sa kanila!!! sikat ka..hanggang sa kabilang buhay!!.

  18. Tsk tsk. Parang si Agapito Flores noon sa Fluorescent Light. Pinakita niya yun kay Pres. Manuel Quezon pero hndi pinansin, ayun binenta rin sa frances. Poor Pinoy inventors.

  19. This is great. kaya lang kawawa talaga tayo hindi makapalag sa maga big oil companies. Pero ngayon bagsak na presyo ng krudo…..di lalo nang walang mangyayari dito …

  20. Mr. MOJAKO you are definitely WRONG. very-very WRONG just the way you think that DANIEL DINGEL invention is OUTDATED and need to use GASOLINE to START the ENGINE SECTION.. to SWITCH The CATALYS GADGET.. you are DEFINITELY WRONG.. You are probably BELONGS to the LOWEST quality MINDED PEOPLE. no CAPACITY to Think about things. Didn’t you see the VIDEO about his Fantastic Invention? there is a FASTEST FORM OF HYDROGEN GAS in the inside of HIS GADGET which continue INCREASING and causes it to Move outside the GADGET and Travel to the connecting HOSE going to the ENGINE SECTION.?DIDN”T YOU SEE or you are NATURALLY BELONGS TO POOR QUALITY MINDED PEOPLE.. ISN”T IT? I”M ALSO LIKE DANIEL DINGEL BELONGING TO GREAT PHILIPPINE INVENTOR.. The only one thing I can tell to you is……>>> USE YOUR HEAD FIRST..BEFORE YOU PUT YOUR COMMENT HERE..! TO AVOID EMBARASSMENT OKAY? YOUR MAKING ME OFFSET !

  21. Mr. Daniel Dingle is entitled to get not only National recognition “But” GLOBAL RECOGNITION. there are many famous Scientist and Engineers in this World..but none of them had this idea.. that someday our Car Engine will RUN by using water only…this is probably FANTASTIC and GREATEST INVENTION OF ALL TIMES can you imagine that? This is the time for the FILIPINOS to EARN GLOBAL RECOGNITION. and save our Poor Country in the long RUN of battle. DANIEL DINGLE is the MAN who ever LIVE in the HISTORY who will save this COUNTRY and EASE our BURDEN,,..Wife our TEARS… HE is THE GREATEST GIFT of our LORD JESUS from us.. at Last our GOD respond our prayers. don’t ever Let this Precious things gone away before we realize the REALITY of this Very Precious INVENTION………. we need to Clear our Mind today and help each other for a better tomorrow. Our NATIONAL LEADERS SENATE AND CONGRESS SHOULD PUSH AND REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS PRECIOUS INVENTIONS.. ITS TIME FOR OUR COUNTRY TO GAIN GLOBAL RECOGNITION.. WE ARE ALSO BELONGS to GENIOUS PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD.

  22. to you NB isa karin plang kabilang sa listahan ng mga Pilipinong MAHIHINA ANG UTAK AT BOBO’ ni hindi mo ginagamit yang UTAK Mo….Dahil hindi mo muna iniisip yung sasabihin mo.. ANG anghang nang mga sinabi mo. SELFISH si DINGLE dahil hindi nya pinamigay yung kanyang imbensyon para mapakinabangan ng sambayanang Pilipino? ganon lang bang kadaling Gawin yon? hindi moba naisip yung sinabi mo kung TAMA o MALI? O baka hindi mo napanood yung VIDEO Kaya hindi mo narinig yung part nang Salaysay ni DANIEL DINGLE? HINDI PWEDE NA BASTA NA LANG GAWIN AT IPAMIGAY YUNG IMBENSYON NI DINGLE SA BANSA NATIN SA KAHIT KANINONG TAO DAHIL TULAD NG BINANGGIT NIYA SA VIDEO KONTROLADO TAYO NG I.M.F. ng bansang AMERIKA dahil hindi tayo pwede na gumawa nang isang bagay na maka aapekto sa mga Negosyo nila dito sa Bansa natin tulad ng LANGIS.. obligado daw ang bansang pilipinas na bumili at gumamit ng Langis na ibinebenta sa atin ng Bansang Amerika.. kaya hindi mapapayagan ng Bansang Amerika na mangyari sa Bansa natin yung iniisip mo na gamitin na lnang basta yung tubig ..naiintindihan mo? kailangan pa nang Bansa natin ang pahintulot nang Bansang Amerika.. kung papayag sila o hindi. dahil nag nenegosyo sila ng Langis sa Bansa natin tapos hahayaan nila na tubig ang gamitin natin sa sasakyan natin dito sa PIlipinas?..syempre hindi sila papayag dahil hindi na mabibili ang mga Tinitinda nilang Gasolina sa Bansa natin kung hahayaan nila yon.. malinaw nba sa iyo? bago ka mag sasalita ng kung ano.. mag iisip ka muna ng maraming beses para hindi ka mapahiya tulad ngayon..karamihan kasi sa mga Pilipino eh hindi nag iisip eh.. kahit sa pag boto ng mga Kandidato..pabasta basta na lng tayo kya Pagsisisi ang palaging Dinadanas natin.

  23. Koreksyon ko lang po doon sa gumawa nitong site,,mukhang may mali po kasi eh..sa pag kaka alam ko po kasi eh..hindi ho DINGLE ang apelyido ng imbentor ng Bansang Pilipinas. dahil ang Tama po ay ” DANIEL GINGLE” Proud to be FILIPINO”’ sayang hindi na tayo maka ahon-ahon sa matinding kahirapan d2 sa Bansa natin..hirap na hirap na ang mga Tao sa Bansa natin..ilan pang mga Tao yung dapat mapanood natin sa Telebisyon na Umiiyak at wala halos makain dahil nag hihirap ang bansa natin. ilan pang mga tao ang dapat nating makita na nakahiga sa Bangketa at walang Matirahan at walang makain dahil sa sobrang kahirapan natin sa Bansa natin..

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