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Bloggers’ Choice Award

Just a quick post. This blog is one of the nominees. If you want me to win that award, then, do the obvious thing. Vote for this blog! 🙂 And I will give you a link love from this post to your blog’s homepage with a keyword of your choosing 😉 . Just leave a comment, ok?

These bloggers chose this blog! Thanks!

  1. Bloggers’ Choice Award – Macuha.com by Article Marketing at Viloria.net
  2. Blogger Choice Award by Penoycentral
  3. Macuha.com – My choice for the Bloggers’ Choice Award by Pinoy Seminars: A blog about seminars, trainings, and negosyo in the Philippines
  4. 2008 Philippine Blog Awards by Bas Navarro
  5. Macuha I Choose You by Make Money Blogging
  6. My Blogger’s Choice Award by Web Designer Philippines
  7. One Thumb Up for Macuha.com by Touch By An Angel With Love
  8. Job Well Done Macuha by Pinoy Traveler
  9. Vote Now For Bloggers’ Choice Award by Photoshop World
  10. Macuha.com is nominated for an award by Blog Contest For Pinay at Memory Filled
  11. Blogger’s Choice Award by Pinoy Sports Blogger
  12. Macuha.Com for Bloggers Choice Award by Mrs. Macuha 🙂
  13. Macuha.com For The Win by Read This First!
  14. Go Macuha.com for blogger’s choice award! by Atty. Diaz
  15. Macuha.com For Philippine Blog Awards by ExcEsc
  16. Bloggers’ Choice Award for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards by Blessings In Life
  17. PBA Bloggers’ Choice Award by Mama Joy – Mother Rocker

That’s all!

Update: Cast your vote and get a chance to win a Nokia N82! Make sure you submit your blog post here to be eligible for the raffle!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.

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