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BBC Insults Filipina Domestic Helpers Video

This was on the news today:

Filipinos in London are set to launch “concerted efforts” against British government-owned British Broadcasting Corp (BBC) for its reportedly “racist and humiliating” portrayal of a Filipina domestic worker, a lawmaker said on Monday.

Batangas Rep. Hermilando Mandanas, head of the subcommittee on the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), said during the plenary debates on the proposed 2009 budget that Philippine Embassy representatives in the United Kingdom were already coordinating with the Filipino community there regarding their protest actions.

Source: Pinoys to launch protest action vs. BBC ‘racist’ show

Here is the video they are talking about:

Filipina Domestic Helper In The Harry and Paul Show

As a Filipino and knowing many domestic helpers in the country, I believe that this is indeed an insult to them. How dare them portray a Filipina domestic helper like that?

Racist? Insult to the Filipino people? What do you think?

Share your views on the comments below.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. this is sad! pang inis naman yan! wala namang ganyan, marangal na hanapbuhay un…

    (this reminded me naman nung filipino doctors sa Desperate Housewives)

  2. I hope they just omitted the word “Filipino” from the script.

  3. “By making it a joke, it encourages a consciousness that promotes human trafficking,” Hontiveros said.

    actually, human trafficking is already rampant in the EU. Thank you for stating the obvious sir..

  4. I think we’re just being too sensitive. Personally, I think it’s like stereotyping a hot Latina. They’re just saying Filipinas (and DHs at that!) are or can be hot.

  5. it wasnt a filipina walking down the street.. and men oozing over hert…

    The filipina was ordered by her boss to seduce their neighbor…

    asking her to offer her rear and show it off…

    then when it didnt work, told her to scram…

  6. Let’s make it the other way around telling those dirty old british that they should just keep their Empty and insensitive heads and shove it to their own ass. And this is also a Joke!

  7. Im proud to be a Filipina!

  8. Palibhasa mas m@l!l!b()g ang mga british. Kaya ganyan ang tingin nila sa lahat. Hindi lang naman mga mga Filipina e, pati mga Chinese at iba pa.

  9. over acting naman ung ibang tao dyan… unahin muna nila ayusin ung same situation dito sa atin din pag naayos na nila saka nila sunod ang London… All i can say is, it is hypocrisy! It is not only our race that is being ridiculed in this kind of shows, other races also been the target of this kind of attack.

  10. Napolexander Santiago

    Mnga pinoy talaga, OA. doesn’t politician have anything better to do? I swear, they’d cry foul if filipinos farted on a foreign show.

  11. British humor crude and stupid like their comedians

  12. British humor crude like their comedians

  13. yeah i think we are over reacting…but we can start making a change now, so that things won’t get worse. That simple… What do you think, Mr. Pinay Scandal?

  14. It is clearly a fictional character, a comedy that is more on the side of the absurd as the producer stated so why get peeved on make believe skit.

  15. Filipinos are NOT over reacting, maybe these filipinos who are pissed are OFW’s, iba dyan DH talaga.

    Mga kapatid, how would you feel if you are a Filipino DH in Brit, tapos napanood mo yung series na yun? I’m an OFW myself here in Singapore, and Filipinos are highly respected here because we do our job well, other employers prefer hiring filipinos because they know that we filipinos are hard working, and filipinos here are actually higly paid here compared to other nationalities.

    And dapat talaga kumilos ang gobyerno tungkol d2 kahit ba may mga mas importanteng ibang dapat ayusin, kung hindi sila kikilos lalong mawawalan ng silbi ang gobyerno natin. At pag hindi kumilos ang gobyerno natin, pag binalewala natin to, gagamitin nila ulit ang word na filipino sa ibang HINDI mgagandang bagay… Gusto nyo bang maulit ito mga bros and sis?

  16. Napolexander Santiago

    Its a gag show for chrissake, I don’t see the Imelda fanatics going on rallies if Jon Santos plays Imelda. Sometimes filipinos are too dense to see the funny side of it all.

  17. this is sad and clearly an insult. Being a domestic helper is a decent job.

  18. Why is there an issue like this? the government should take action on this, make a way to make the Philippines improved so that workers and professionals will no longer work abroad. Instead they would rather work in their own country.

  19. We have differnet pov’s about this incident.. conflicts would rise, and we will be divided to two sides.. what is best is just to accept that we have different perception about this issue and we have to respect that… No arguements, no debates… yun lang.

  20. “…what is best is just to accept that we have different perception about this issue and we have to respect that… No arguements, no debates… yun lang.”

    This is exactly the kind of attitude that deserves no respect and makes the Philippines or any other country rot.

    Make a stand you spineless coward!

  21. On one side it is so wrong, on the other side there is the media making it worse. Feel sorry for their plight.If only someone stands up for them, wonder how many cases goes on like this everyday

  22. It is wrong that anyone should be portrayed like this but english people spend as much time taking the mick out of themselves as anyone else. Sarcastic humour is big in the UK and this sort of thing happens a lot. Every minority group feels they are being singled out when something like this happens to them which is wrong. It is all based on a media perception of groups which as we know is always wrong and exactly why we take the mick in the first place.

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