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How To Make Money Online During These Desperate Days

The Master Listbuilder, Joel Christopher, is giving a free seminar this coming Saturday on “How To Make Money Online During These Desperate Days.” I’ve read that people are paying $1500 just to attend his seminars, so, this is an opportunity we should not miss.

I know that there is money on e-mail marketing, but I have no idea how to start. This seminar might give me the knowledge I need, so, I immediately registered.

Seats are limited, so, register now! See you at the venue!

Hat tip on Carl

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. maganda sana to kasu nga lang ang layu ko..hehehe andito ako sa cebu..

  2. Hi. I signed up for the seminar but didn’t get any info as to where in Manila it will be. Any ideas?

  3. nag register na ako 😀 wahehhee.. c u 😛

  4. interested sana me to join but nasa Mindanao ako.. well hope email – marketing will be discuss in Mindanao Blogger Summit.

  5. kunan mo lang ng video sir. hehe, upload mo lang sa youtube. togoink

  6. Como sta,
    I agree that these are “Desperate Days” that we are living in. Many people have gone to the internet to make a living online. Desperate times cause for desperate actions. Just make sure that you are very careful out there. Do your homework first before you loose what little bit that you have.

  7. Yes, the seminar should be great. I’m always looking for a way to make money online.

  8. It’s all about the list, good article.

  9. Everybody and his brother has a new marketing method out there about the “newest and best” way to make money on the internet, but does it work?

    Not most of it, no.

    Of course, if it did work, you’d already have your answers. You’d be rich and you wouldn’t be reading this. So I’m going to assume that this hasn’t happened to you yet.

    And I’ve got a secret for you.

    Know what? Marketing is easy.

    You don’t need more Internet marketing information. Getting distracted by the next offer of “Internet marketing wisdom” isn’t likely to help you succeed any more than it already has, so let’s not even go there, (unless you want to have your pockets emptied further).

  10. Thanks for the info Bro!

  11. Every information about making money online is a must reading for me. Thanks again!

  12. Awesome opportunity ! Wish I could make it there. Great innitiative to make it free and I hope you have a great turn out!

  13. Hi Marhgil,

    Thanks for blogging about my free seminar.

    To Marghil’s blog readers, FYI:
    Due to popular request, I’m doing another FREE seminar in a much bigger venue
    inside UST (University of Santo Tomas) campus in Espana, Manila.

    Go to http://masterlistbuilder.PH for more details and to reserve your seats…

    This will be my LAST FREE seminar this year (anywhere in the world)
    so don’t miss it and make sure to attend this free event…

    Salamat at Mabuhay!(Thank You and Long Live!)

    Joel Christopher R.
    Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Internet Marketing Mentor

  14. Making money online is the most desirable way to avoid all that driving, plus you can
    make your own coffee, instead of going to starbucks.

  15. In order to make money online, we needed to make maximum use of two Important things namely the extensive power of information available online as well as our sheer hard work, desire & motivation to succeed like in any other business.

    This is my humble opinion only.


  16. Quick update:

    I’m going back to Manila to do a “BENEFIT SEMINAR” for my alma mater UST’s 400TH birthday celebration website

    http://www.USTe.TV is University of Santo Tomas’ Quadri-Centennial Celebrations website which my MLB.PH Team created.

    I want to invite you and your friends/family to be there – LIVE or VIA WEBCAST (your choice) at


    Appreciate all your support….

    Salamat at Mabuhay!(Thank You and Long Live!)

    Joel Christopher R.,
    Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Mentor

  17. pano ba ito bro?

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