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Eraserheads: The Reunion Concert CD Review

I already have the Eraserheads: The Reunion Concert CD. I bought it at Astroplus at Robinson’s Place Manila. They are actually playing the CD when I entered their store. It costs Php 305.00.

And what can I say about the album? Cool! It’s like I was there again at the concert. Unlike the official Youtube videos where you can’t hear the audience singing, you’ll hear how happy and wild the audience here. Finally, I can say that I am already part of an Eraserheads album, because I’m one of those audience singing with them. Hehehe.

Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD

Eraserheads Reunion Concert CD

They include almost everything, including those little side comments, from Ely’s “Thank you, good night!” after singing Alapaap, to their new introduction of Toyang, Ely saying “Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat!” before playing Fruitcake, to Ely’s “Sorry pero kailangan kong sabihin ‘to, ok ba kayo dyan?” after singing Kamasutra. You’ll even hear the crowd shouting “Group hug! group hug!..” at the end of Track 9 (Kailan) and a few seconds on the start of Track 10 (Huwag Kang Matakot).

On the inlay cards, you’ll see photos of the concert, including a photo of Ely’s sister when she announced that Ely was rushed to the hospital.

If you are an Eraserheads fan, this album is worth every peso you spent for it. 🙂 Copied the album to my laptop and put the original on my collections, baka magasgas kaagad eh. If you want a copy, go to the nearest CD store. 😛

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. muhkang tumaba ka ata sa pix…hehehe..mabuti ka pa meron na..check ko nga sa music zone bukas….

  2. sana my ksamang vids ng concert yung cd…hmp!

  3. sori kung anti-climactic, pero naisip ko, ganu kaya kamahal mabebenta yang cd na yan 10 years from now. hehe

  4. How much is the CD?

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