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Nokia N78 Review

I’ve been playing with a Nokia N78 for the past 3 weeks already, thanks to the people at WOM World Nokia for sending me a test unit. Yeah, this is just a test unit and I will send it back to them after this review. 🙂

So, what’s my experience with a Nokia N78? Will I buy it if I have the money? My answer is NO. Why? Well, because I’m a person who uses text messaging a lot and their keypad is one of the worst-designed keypad for texting. A person with big fingers will find it hard hitting the right keys with this unit. I have this unit for already 3 weeks and I still find it difficult when texting.

Nokia N78 Front

Nokia N78 Front

However, it is actually feature-packed. It has 3G, EDGE, HSCSD, GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB support. It has a microSD slot. It has a 3MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. It has good picture quality. It has stereo speakers and plays as loud as my laptop speakers.

Nokia N78 Back

Nokia N78 Back

The best feature in it that I will look for if I’m going to buy a new phone is the FM transmitter. Select an FM frequency on the phone, activate it, play your favorite music, set your car stereo to the same FM frequency, and boom! your car stereo starts playing the music! Loud and clear, in stereo sound. Can your Nokia N95 do that? I don’t think so! 😀

Nokia N78 Side

Nokia N78 Side

I think, the keypad is the only turn-off for me. But if I could find a unit with the same features as the Nokia N78 but with a better keypad, I’ll grab one.

That’s all for my review.

P.S. If you want me to review your product, contact me for my mailing address. I’d appreciate if you’ll just give the product to me for free. Hehehe. 😉

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. ang liit nga ng keypad.

  2. what if bigay nila sau yan minus the keypad? tanggapin mo?? hehehe

  3. each user has different needs. ako naman, though i like very the features of N82, keypad din problema ko.

  4. hahaha.. nakakatawa c james.. pano nga ba marghil.. tatanggapin mo ba..hehehhe..

  5. hehehe.. nung pinahiram sa akin ng nokia philippines ang N78, di ko rin ginamit.. nyok… ang hirap pang text eh ^_^ ginawa ko lang syang mp3 player.. wahehe ^_^

  6. @James good question! 😛 nyok.. ako tatanggapin ko.. hahaha!

  7. hi,
    i’d like to buy Nokia N78 before…
    kindly thank you for your information..
    it’s help me much..^^

  8. @jehz >> hehe, ako rin kukunin ko, aba masama tumanggi sa grasya, hehe baka maging disgrasya

  9. anyone has an idea magkano na ngaun ung price nito sa stores? im planning to have one. thanks!

  10. I got a Nokia N78 couple of days ago, i love the huge lcd screen so much, so much better then a iPhone, the camera of the phone is also alot better then nay other phones i have used, i highly recommened this phone. if you can afford the high price

  11. Oh, I agree. I also love texting and it would be hard for me to use a phone with a small keypad. Very expensive then I can’t use it well. I would rather buy a simple phone for best texting.

  12. I really like the the features of the Nokia n78 phone.I like its camera better than other phones and for me the stereo and sound quality is even better than the xpress music’s.Better get one because it’s not just nice but is also worth it

  13. Very nice phone good design and multi functioning

  14. ….Plz help me guys…im very confuse..i hav a n78 and im gona sell it to get money to buy a 5630 express music,

    tma b ang dessyon qng ipgpl8 ang n78 s 5630 xm?


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