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Online Interviews Here and There

Ratified.org interviewed me last October. The interview is all about blog growth. According to them, this blog ranked sixth on their list of their Philippines Top 100 blogs. Ms. Janette Toral sent me the questions via e-mail and I sent her my answers. You can read the interview here.

Last Friday, Mike Lopez interviewed me about making money on Adsense. We basically talked about how I make money from it, how do I optimize my post, how do I get those visitors and how do I get a high CTR.

Just a note that I had two blogs before making money for me, but now, only macuha.com makes money for me. My text messages blog is now being managed by my wife, and so all the Google Adsense codes there are not mine anymore. Don’t be surprised when you read from that interview that I’m making money from just one blog, because that’s the truth. 😀 Read the interview here.

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. wow sikat! daming interview! whoaa 😀

  2. Sikat na sikat nga si Sir Marhgil. Pa-cheese burger ka naman! hehe… 😆

    Ito ata yung nag-uusap sila sa Twitter na nilipat nila conversation nila sa YM. hehe…

  3. artistahin..sikat na sikat

  4. paburger ka naman sir he he he

  5. Number 6! Way to go! You’re one to watch.

  6. Richard Gutierrez ng Pinoy Blogosphere! hehe!

  7. wow congrats!! galing naman… ako kaya kelan maging top 100… hahahaha… wish ko lang…

  8. Daming interview ah, baka sususnod sa TV na. congrats marghil. Astig ka talaga sa napiling niche mo.

    @jehz maraming karin interview ah, na dyadyaryo ka pa. heheh

  9. Sikat ka na talaga Marhgil :), OO yang si Jehz na dyadyaryo pa…

  10. Congratulations Marhgil and thank you also for responding to my interview request. Cheers!

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