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Free Six Videos and Six Pictures

So, what do you expect from a blog post with that title?

There are many videos and pictures on the internet, but there are people looking for only six videos and six pictures. What’s with the number six? Why not search for unlimited videos and pictures? Why only six? Hehe.

For those looking for free six videos, go to Youtube, there are more than six million videos there.

For those looking for free six pictures, go to flickr!

To all my readers! Six is the number that will give traffic to your blog! Six videos, six pictures, free six and more six! There are even people looking for six mp3!

Let’s talk about six! 😀 🙂 😀 The following people are now having their lucky six posts!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. parehas lang ba yan ng s3x? 😀

  2. ahehehe. six tayo gang umaga.ahehe!lol

  3. nakaka addict and six! hehehe

  4. six, six, six! mga tao ngaun adik sa six!

  5. Ha , very funny,
    I like youtube and I love flickr

    Thank you

  6. Sabi na nga ba at meron ka na namang bagong pakana. 😆

  7. hahaha may bagong raket ka na naman MarhGil ha…

    bkit walang six position or six 3g, or six tape… 🙂

  8. first time i read the title, I think it’s six only. But in fact you mean that it’s six millions of images and videos. It’s tricky, but I enjoy your post. By the way If you have much spare time, please visit my new site, that seems like a search engine for mp3 and video at http : netspys [dot] com. Thank you Mr. William.

  9. six will be a good way to have more traffic on your blog, basta ingat lang sa six, at baka may gunuria at sefelis yung ka-six mo… lol

  10. he he, sige lets talk about six, baby!

  11. Ang weird naman ng hinahanap ng mga tao ngayon! Isa na naman ito na ang post na mahahalungkat nila – at matatawa siguro sila.

  12. hahaha! u should have posted six different videos and six different pictures… just for the fun of it 😀 wahehehehe 😀

  13. six scandals pa rin ba ito? haha.

  14. what about six jobs for people who are unemployed

  15. yo Marhgil,
    i made myself a free six post. in menardconnect 🙂
    Wish me luck

  16. Are you too much excited about six? check out vids, hot six free six and six picture!

  17. Keyword keyword keyword…..Hehe… Nice post! Have six all day to be very healthy. =)

  18. Teka nga at makagawa ng post nito

  19. will it be all right if I make my own Six [insert item here] posts in my blog?

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