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The Three-Digit Zeroes

Based on experience, the hardest part on trying to make money online by SEOing your blog is on the initial stages. Because you don’t see results immediately. You do some on-page optimization. You do keyword research. You make a well-written blog post for the keyword. You do off-page optimization: directory submission, exchanging links with other bloggers, social bookmarking, article submission, etc. You did all of these, and everytime you check your rankings on your target keywords, you are far-away from the first pages of the SERPs. Your Adsense income is still a 3-digit zeroes, i.e., $0.00.

How do you deal with this? Simple. Accept it. Everyone starting from scratch undergoes that phase. Don’t quit. Just continue what you are doing. You are on a trial stage. You are being tested. If you quit, then you lose. If you continue, you’ll see the fruits of your labor in the years to come.

Continue SEOing. Continue writing quality content. Continue the link baiting. Continue the keyword hijacking, especially of those HITLOD keywords. As months pass by, you will see them hitting the first page of the SERPs. One by one. Slowly but surely. Clicks will start coming. That 3-digit zeroes will become cents. Cents will turn into dollars. Dollars into a hundred dollars. And then a thousand dollars. And more if you don’t quit.

Yes. visitors will come. And you will make money. That’s what happened to me. And it will happen to you too! Coz I am nothing more special than you.

This post is for every beginner out there who were inspired by this blog, started their own blog, and are now undergoing the hardship of the initial stages, seeing the three-digit zeroes despite all the things they are doing. Don’t ever quit people! Coz quitters don’t succeed. Keep on blogging!

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. That’s what I call “a great blog post”.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Same here… I started with “The Three-Digit Zeroes” (everyone does!)
    Now I’m earning $2500 to $3000 everyday, not from blogging though, but it is still based online. (I’m on the verge of abandoning my personal blog. LOL)
    True, don’t give up!
    You’ll encounter moments where you wanna throw all your efforts away. I’ve experienced it, but I tried my best to ignore it.
    And the results were amazing. Millions of pesos every month for a college student is awesome!
    Now I go to school with my own BMW. LOL!
    So yeah, don’t give up!
    I believe that making money online is the next generation job!
    Enjoy it while it’s still fresh.

  2. Wow very inspiring naman tong post ni Macuha ngayon..award winning tong post mo dude..I was also a 3-digit zero blogger before pero now that I’ve learned a bit about optimization medyo lumobo ng konti ang cents ko and it turned into dollars/day. Salamat nga pala sa mga tips mo before it helped a lot..:) Para sa mga newbies na katulad ko always remember “ang blogger na gipit sa paid posts kumakapit” Lol!

  3. the hardest part is on the developing stage. then the sustaining stage. one week of stoppage would make a difference. got days of three zeros because my site was down. good thing my sport’s blog is now moving. 1 dollar a day isn’t even enough to pay for my lunch. hehe.

    dami ko pang bigas na kakainin.

  4. Very inspiring words sir! It took me one year before I finally got my Google paycheck! πŸ˜€ To starting bloggers, don’t give up! πŸ˜€

  5. Isa ako dun sa mga nagsisimula pa lang. I think Saktong Christmas last year ako naglagay ng adsense sa bagong blog ko. It’s quite disappointing kasi kung hindi $0.01 ang kita mo, minsan, talagang $0.00. But that’s why I keep visiting your site and others that are successful na online. Inspiration is what keeps me motivated.

    Great post!

  6. Thanks for the inspiring words. Isa po ako sa mga kakastart rin lang mga blog. Meron na rin kahit konting cents. commitment lang atsaka wag susuko, yan ang payo nila so tuloy pa rin ako.

  7. ^_^ thanks for the inspiration ^_^.. and now sinubukan ko.. sa tyaga at pagtitiis.. naka 1 dollar ako for 3 days ^_^..

  8. that’s really true..

    before i was making cents, but i never quit. Now I make$xxx.xx and sometimes $x,xxxx per month from adsense.. if you stop in the middle of the race, youll never reach the finish line..

  9. Yes I certainly agree with Marghil. In fact I can relate to what he is saying. I followed his advice months ago. This March will be my 16th month of blogging.

    At first it was discouraging as Marghil said I only get 3 digit zeroes. But I believed him. I read his posts, kept on researching, kept on high jacking HITLOD keywords and just keep on doing it even though there are weeks that I feel so lazy. I even reached a point that I got tired of blogging, but I just kept on doing it anyway. (Natatandaan ko lagi ang Nike eh “Just do it” hehehe . . .)

    Now I can gladly say that I have experienced the three digit zeroes, turning into cents and cents into dollars, and dollars into a hundred dollars. (But not yet a thousand dollars but I am on my way there hehehehe) Yes true to what Marghil said, the visitors will come, and they will keep on coming ! And best of all most of them comes from the search engines ! As people discover your great content you get lots of loyal readers too.

    By the way. Marghil thanks for linking HITLOD to my blog, I got some traffic today courtesy of this post.

  10. sobrang napaka-inspiring ang post na ito. nakakapagbigay ng lakas ng loob sa mga katulad kong baguhan sa larangan ng pagbablog. Salamat at mayroong “Macuha.com”. Mabuhay ka sir!

  11. it all starts from zeros hahaha ako rin eh, nung una, wala talagang visitors, nung makita ko ung friendster skin na keyword nya, sinubukan ko lng, 3 weeks ko nakita ung results, kahit n nsa top 20 n ko sa keyword n un proud pa din ako.. inspired by macuha!!!!!!

  12. tama ka jan tol. tuloy tuloy lang at kelangan din talaga ang effort pra maabot mo yun gusto mong target. kapag may tyaga may lechon.ahehe

  13. if at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

  14. Yeah that’s true… successful adsense stories inspired me to continue blogging. I must’ve have read that lines a thousand times but it has never hit home until now.. maybe I need to double, tripple my effort, thanks for timely inspiring post.. ang sarap na nga idelete ng blog ko minsan eh πŸ˜€

  15. salamat ulit sa tips.. truly inspiring! although wala pa talaga akong puhunan (time & money) to make money out of blogging pero i’ll be bookmarking this for future use! πŸ˜€

  16. yet another inspiring post to continue my online endeavor. πŸ™‚

    @nerd – astig naman $2500 to $3000 daily, sana ma decipher ko din paano yan gawin πŸ˜€

  17. @jehzlau,

    astig talaga.. $2500-$3000 daily.. kung ako nyan I won’t work na.. Mgbubuhay reyna ako..hehehe..

  18. Thank you for that inspirational blog. I just revived my blog four days ago. I was very discouraged back then because all I see in adsense was $0.00. I began improving my blog and submitting it to social news website. Just recently, I was so happy and excited after seeing my posts on the first page or topping he list on Google search. But still my earnings are at $0.3/ day. πŸ™

    But just recently, Digg banned my account. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was submitting too many posts per day.

    You mentioned above that a blogger also needs ‘exchanging links with other bloggers’. Maybe you could help me out on that part :).

  19. You mahrgil, fitz, and jehzlau are my inspiration for blogging back again. 2004 pa ko nagblog but I never learned anything about SEO until I read you, fitz and jehzlau’s blog. Sobrang nakakatuwa tong post na to. Thanks for inspiring such new bloggers like me! Rock on!

  20. what a very JuanDerPul post!! very inspiring naman toh lalo na sa mga beginners.. lahat naman talaga tayo nagsisimula sa $0.00, kailangan lang ng hardwork and perseverance para maging successful sa career online..

    @Nerd: grabe yan ahh! sobrang laki! pwedeng pwede ng matulog na lang at kumain buong araw!

  21. Basta, walang sukuan… no retreat no surrender…

    great post… btw,

    ika nga ni marghil “una una lang pare…”

    salamat sa tips…


  22. @nerd, ampunin mo na kami. ahehe! congrats!

  23. Thanks po for this very good words of wisdom about Blogging. Making money online is not really an easy task, you have to exert a lot effort and time to have a decent income. For now I am earning $.25-$2.00 per day in adsense at least hindi three digits ZERO

  24. I just started my blog and I’ve been thinking of this, but you made the point bolder and clearer.
    I may not be the three-digit-zero guy, with a few dollars on my account already. But I know that I still need to learn a lot of things about blogging and social networking.

    But it’s a good thing to came across to your post.


  25. Great post.. it serves my inspiration to continue with my blogging.. =)

  26. @Nerd totoo ba yung sinasabi mo or linkbait lang yan? hehe
    @Marghil – Good post bro. Google loves SEO but readers love good content. I’m still for the content is King side of blogging but SEO will convert that “good content” into page views.

    Good luck to all pinoy bloggers! WAg na lang siguro nating dumihan ang google search ng mga basurang content. Cheers!

  27. wow! nakakaiyak! salamat po.! muntik ko na kasing wakasan ang blogging life, haaaay. halos nananawa na kasi ako sa 3digit zeros.haaaay.

    thanks po sa inspiration.!

  28. you’re posts keep my spirit with another of my blog playing adsense πŸ˜‰

    patience and testing also factor we have to considered πŸ˜‰

    thanks for the good posts πŸ™‚

  29. I was on a roll last week when suddenly, Digg blocked my account. They said no reason and when I was trying to clear my side, they say that the ban was irreversible. Maybe you guys could suggest other sites I can pass my posts to, other than Digg. Thanks!

  30. ako rin kakastart lang, pero di ako susuko!

  31. Hi guys, since I am new with blogging, I’m trying to learn from tips from top bloggers, like Macuha, and recently I tried reading from John Chow dot com. Unfortunately, my antivirus pop-upped something. A malware, suspicious code was detected. Is this a virus? Am I the only one who got this?

  32. Sa unang month ko, ang average ko e $0.20(per day), then recently, yung 2nd month ko naman e $0.47. Natuwa ako kasi nadoble. Ngayon, besides blogging, day dreaming ang ginagawa ko, iniimagine ko na every month, dumodoble yung average ng earnings ko. haha! Nasa first week pa lang ako sa third month ng blog ko at ang average ko e $1. Sana lang magtuloy!!! Kung hindi doble, triple!

  33. Very inspirational. Sana kumita rin ako ng ganyang kalaki someday.

  34. Great post Marhgil! I too encountered this problems when I first started blogging in my old blogspot domain. Then as I learn the ropes of blogging from you and other SEO bloggers, I started to get my own self-hosted wordpress domain. With a little marketing and a writing quality posts on achieving financicla freedom on topics such as entrepreneurship, investments, personal finance, and self-motivation, my adsense income has been increasing since I started. Patience and hard work is the key.

  35. salve, poco tempo fa osservavo un documentario in tv che parlava delle filippine e mi ha colpito una parola che i filippini usano per calmare lo spirito, era una cosa del genere “Musah” mi potreste spiegare il significato, l’uso e la pronuncia? grazie ciao

  36. wow!!! very inspiring to ah!!! pampagana. hehe. tumigil ako ng pagboblog ng mga ilang buwan, pero babalik na ako. humanda kayo lahat sa akin… babawi ako!!! hehe

  37. you are truly an inspiration to bloggers out there, especially the newbies in blogging. Indeed, you cannot enjoy the sweetness of success without having first tasted the bitterness of trials.

  38. Galing! Trial stage din ako. The first stages seemed to be the most difficult where most people quit, but it does not mean that once that you have achieved something, things are easier. I think being on top makes it even more difficult to maintain.

    Agree, with the others. Great inspirational post.

  39. huhuhuh… ive been blogging for 7 months now…. lucky for me if i earned .05 $ a day… most of the day $0.00 hhehehhehe…

  40. wow..is good tips for SEO worked … thanks for marhgil.

  41. Awesome…

    thanks for the inspirations! πŸ˜€

  42. very inspiring talaga tong post… I totally agree, lahat naman naguumpisa sa wala eh. kelangan may tiyaga para may nilaga. HUH? lols.

    congrats po sa lahat, my goal for this season is to reached the min. payout = $100 in adsense. Ganbatteeeee!

  43. tama tlga kayu, mahirap tlga pag nasa initial stage ka sa blogging. The key is to not give up tlg! kahit na cents cents p yan, pera parin yun. haha πŸ˜€ Blog lang ng blog! πŸ˜€

  44. nice post. i just started my blog a week ago and i was getting impatient already looking at the 0.00. sheesh. good thing i came accross this site. it is encouraging.

    more power bro.

  45. hello po! I’ve just started blogging and just had a breakthrough today, after 1 week of seing 0.00, just had an earning of 0.1. well, maliit xa, pero kung baga eh “milestone” na to para sa akin. may mga katanugan lang po ako sa monetize menu ng adsense. pwede nyo po bang ipaliwang ang ibig sabihin ng page impressions(eto ba ung bumibisita sa blog mo?), clicks, page CTR, saka page eCPM. naguguluhan kasi ako sa paliwanag ng google… Saka pag tiningnan mo ba ung blog mo and nag click ka ng ads dun meron ka bang kikitain?

    Maraming thank you! Pacencia na po kasi newbie pa lang sa ganitong business. Pero I find many useful tips dito sa site nyo. medyo naguguluhan lang talaga ako dun sa monetize page ng adsense.

  46. @Dinno… page impressions – number of times na display yung ads mo. click – kung ilan yung nagclick sa ads na nadisplay. CTR – click through rate – percentage nang nagclick ng ads vs page impression. eCPM – effective cost per milli (thousand) – based on your current ads performance, estimated na kikitain mo for every 1000 page impression. bawal na bawal magclick ng sarili mong ads. don’t do it at mababan ka. they can detect it.

  47. Very inspiring indeed… thanks! πŸ™‚

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