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Pinoy Fear Factor Update: Goodbye Super Manuel

This week is the last week of Pinoy Fear Factor. On Friday, we will know who the “El Ultimo Participante” is.

Today, my favorite participante was eliminated. Goodbye Super Manuel.

So, the fight for 2 million pesos is now among the 3 remaining participants: Janna, Marion and Jommy.

Who do you think will win?

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. it was really a disappointing night. Not only because manuel got booted out but moreso because every manuel fanatic cries FOUL. obviously there was an extra help given to janna and the pff staffs decided to ignore it. it was really unfair knowing how crucial every second would have been pro-manuel. before manuel left, the achievement he had accomplished in the screen was really amazing, it is an affirmation that indeed NOBODY deserves the title more than he does. he is loved and will be sorely missed. For the next two episodes i dont flatly care. Ive wasted time and sleep waiting for manuel to be bestowed the glory he rightfully deserves now he was robbed of it. I will not be an audience for two more nights of anomaly.

  2. I don’t know if they cut some scene, but, when I measure their time, Manuel is up by 30sec.

  3. di na ako manonood ng huling dalawang gabi ng Pinoy Fear Factor…obviously, nanonood lang kami dahil kay Manuel…I dont care who will ultimately wins now, and im sure that’s the sentiments of the millions who are watching PFF…Im sure marami ang umiyak kagabi…I saw my officemates kanina, they are all disappointed and promise not to watch the last 2 days fo PFF

  4. mag2nd season na ang survivor e d p din tapos yan. sinusulit talaga nila ang gastos ah.

  5. The one that should have been booted out is Janna not Manuel, to bad ABS CBN is up to its stupid antics again just like in the PDA, and PBB.

  6. si Jommy ang mayabang not Manuel ingit nga yong mga participantes ky manuel dahil natatakot sila si manuel ang manalo! except L.J

  7. hey who ever sed dat manuel s mayabang, u know wat who ever u r, u beta shut ur mouth cuz u dnt know wat u talkin abt right?!!! & u think idk wat mayabang is?!! haha i know wat it means so shut up!!! & also jommy and da others is mayabang except 4 lj!! hahaha i wasted my time watching dat s2pid pinoy fear factor!! CHEATERS!!!! eehh janna u know wat u should have admit dat u got 8 sumtin and also u know wen u almost got burried, dey didnt even include dat time which is really cheat & ur da 1 who is supposed 2 be eliminated!! so i hope all of the participantes read des cuz im really pissed of wat they do 2 manuel and 1 more thing, manuel and lj is da best att doing da stunt!!! and also u know wat stop bieng a poser and also ur friends cuz all wat u guys do is copy and copy which is so pathetic!!!! hahaha
    & pinoy fear factor should start over agen with jommy,marion and manuel except 4 janna cuz she was supposed 2 be da 1 who s eliminated!!!! I HATE WATCHING DAT CHANNEL CUZ ALL U GUYS DO S CHEAT!!!!! CHEATERS!!!! CHEATERS!!!! CHEATERS!!!!!! CHEATERS!!!!!! CHEATERS!!!!!! CCCCCCHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEEEERRRRRRSSSSS!!!

  8. jommy!! i dnt congratulate u cuz ur such a mayabang na bwesit!!!! u always trash talk manuel on da stunt so dat he will loose or sumtin like dat!! & i know ur jealous of manuel cuz he got big muscles dan u and hes stronger dan u!!! hahaha u think i didnt know dat?!!! wow jommy stop bieng a POSER!!!!

    janna, stop bieng a slut!! & u beta tell da truth dat ur supposed 2 be da1 who s eliminated!! not manuel!!!

    manuel, we loved u!!! even do they cheat on u, we will always be a big fan of yours!! & we know dat f they didnt cheat on u dat day, den u should have challenge jommy and won the house& lot+2million……..& u deserve 2 won!! u beat da worlds record on the stunt!! & wen i saw dat they cheat on u sayin ur da 1 who get 8 sumtin, i get really dissapointed on pinoy fear factor cuz we went on youtube 2 watch it agen and see dat u have 7 sumtin and janna got 8 sumtin like dat………. we know ur da strongest 1 all of da partecipantes and we know dat they always trash talk u so dat u would mess up on ur stunt…….^_^

  9. I don’t know if they cut some scene, but, when I measure their time, Manuel is up by 30sec.
    same thought

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