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Pagerank Update, You Know?

Yeah, I agree with others, Pagerank is so overrated. Haha! I guess, that is every person’s pampalubag-loob after getting a Pagerank drop. 😀

pr-pumpAfter more than a year of enjoying a Pagerank 4, Google suddenly thinks that this blog doesn’t deserve it. Now, this blog is PR 3. So what? As long as my posts still rank on the SERPs, I don’t care about my PageRank! Anyway, this blog is still #1 on the keyword macuha. 😉

I think, the lost PR went to my wife’s blog, which is now a PR 1 in less than a month of operation. 😀 That was fast! You know?

But honestly, I still prefer a higher PR. It’s a nice decoration, you know?

Image Source: Gogolev

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Google’s playing prank on my blog today, right at this moment of posting this comment. got a PR8 on my toolbar. 🙂

  2. Mukhang every 3 months sila nag-a-update ah. Buti na lang pala walang bumaba na page rank sa mga site ko. from 3 to 4 and from 0-2, the rest walang pinagbago.

    Bawi nlng sa July 1. =)

  3. waaah! uu nga nag-update na.. tapos nawalan ako ng 1 pr napasa dun sa subdomain ng blog ko.. waaaaaaaah!

  4. ako pr 1, pero no idea kung panu nangyaro yun 🙂
    ala-tsamba lang po.

  5. Thanks for this update! Yehey!!! PR2 na blog ko.

  6. Almost 2 months na ung site ko, PR0 pa rin! Waahhh!

  7. PR1 na blog ko! haha. Very pathetic, pero proud na ako dito, hehe.
    First time ko nga palang makapag comment pero I’ve been reading many posts already, thanks!

  8. waaah, my PR dropped from 1 to 0. And I’m getting lazy these past days which cost me a lot of traffic. waaah.

  9. I was wondering kung kelan ako magkaka-PR. Hehe. From 0 to 2. Saktong encouragement to para ituloy pa ang pagbblog. 🙂

  10. Hindi mashado big deal ang isang increase/decrease ng pagerank… nabasa ko lang yun.. hehe you know… natawa ko dun…

  11. Yes you are right. Page rank does not do much on the traffic or keyword ranking. It looks like a decoration. Pero I think it has something to do with the amount of pages your blog or site has. Siguro yung global translator ang dahilan kasi maraming pages ang na cre-create kaya na dilute yung pagerank mo. May nabasa rin ako na pati adsense earnings apektado sa pagerank pero baka haka-haka lang yun. Anyway as you said, page rank lang yan. Mas importante keyword ranking at traffic.

  12. He he katawa naman yung commercial ni pacquiao. Now I know, you know. LOL.

  13. Page rank is a description of the authority of your website and its power, however it is not necessity that you become a high ranker in keywords, but it gives you a better advantage to rank better if you do link building right

  14. Wow, thanks for the update.

  15. Our blog actually increased its PR from 0 to 2! Finally we got a PR Rank! too bad too hear that yours dropped!:(

  16. Now here’s something good on my part… I joined an seo contest last jan. I created a new blogspot blog for it and optimized it a bit. I only had 6 posts on it then i quit sa contest. Tinamad ako eh. Now pagdating ng PR Update, yung PR 0 ko na blog naging…. PR 4! hahaha! Ganda noh?! Parang nanalo din ako sa contest! Thanks google and gratz sa lahat ng ngka.pr increase.

  17. @lito

    Affected ba talaga ang adsense earnings sa PR? hmmm… parang di ako maniniwala but you know what, yung kralix.com na nag.e.earn nga 30-40 dollars daily (PR 0) ay biglang tumaas ng 50-60 dollars na ng naging PR 3 from the latest update. well i think the explanation there is because the keywors that I was optimizing increased in the SERPs kaya\’t dumami ang visitors at tumaas ang kita. kaya yun siguro…

  18. halos lahat ng blogs ko nagdrop ang pr. ung ibang PR3 kong blog naging PR0 nah. huhu

  19. Ako, from PR 2 to PR 0! Yehey! Seriously, ok lang ako na nawalan ng PR basta walang impact sa online income.

  20. I don’t know what happened but my recently upgraded PR1 to PR2 suddenly went to PR0! Waahhh… I was once one of the early commenters of this post when I posted a happy feeling of a PR2 upgrade!

  21. Malupit ang Google. My PR3 blog is now PR2, tapos yung isang zero naging N/A na. It hurts, you know?

    Haha. xD

  22. April 1 pla yung last….Now I know na kung kelan cla naguupdate!

  23. Great post! Indeed, you should be number on your keywords because that’s very important 🙂

  24. I am not a fan of the PageRank score displayed in the Google Toolbar, but I report it anyway, because I report what SEOs care about.

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