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Google Failed! The Day The Internet Stood Still

I was optimizing my PC when it happened at around 11:30PM here in the Philippines. My Firefox browser was extra slow so I decided to reinstall it. However, after reinstalling, its home page which defaults to Google showed an error. Google cannot be loaded. I thought that it might be a browser problem, so I loaded this blog and checked.

Twitter Trending TopicsThis blog loaded but with no Google Adsense ads. So, I thought, something might be wrong with Google. I checked again and it’s unreachable. I decided to check it using another browser, Google Chrome and it was also unreachable! And so I thought, might be my internet connection.

Then I logged in to my Twitter account and was surprised to see the trending topic. #googlefail is on the list! Lots of people tweeting that they can’t access Google! Yes, it’s not my internet connection. Google was down all over the world!

So, I joined and tweeted, Goooggggglee is down!

After several minutes, it went back to normal. And here’s what really happened.

And as a souvenir, here’s a screen shot of my Google Chrome browser on the day Google failed:

Google Failed Screenshot
Google Failed Screenshot

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. No wonder I got no traffic from Google at that time frame. Add mo po ko sa twitter -> ieamagpantay

  2. Meron din palang downtime ang KING of the internet.

  3. so, google is not God after all. he he

  4. Wala naman 100% uptime. 😛

  5. hahahaha. ok ah. nasa internet ako that time pero hindi ko naransan yan ah. hmmmm/

  6. My Adsense earnings also dropped from $1+ per day to just few cents last few days.

    Something is wrong with Google. Let’s just hope it’s only temporary 🙂

  7. phail (doh) but it’s fine. hehehe.. bumalik na ulit 🙂

  8. Ye, Google is not perfect either. However Gmail is my main email service and find it excelent.

  9. Nung nakita ko na puro gray lang ang nasa location ng google adsense ko, I thought naban ko. Mabuti na lang at hindi pala, hehe..

  10. hehehehehe, ako din napansin ko kahapon pero yung mga friends ko sa YM tinanong ko kung down ang google.. sabi nila hndi naman…

  11. Google is not invincible after all! AT&T routing issue? Maybe, but has the ‘bad boys’ finally gotten Google in its clutches?

  12. napansin ko din kahapon… ang bagal nila… i thought it was my connection but when i surf on other sites, gumagana lahaty at mabilis…

  13. even google needs a rest day sometime ….

  14. Google already announced the site maintenance through their adsense blurb. I am seeing this 1 week ago. I think what you encountered is the exact time of the schedule.

  15. Wow!!! I thought Google was such a powerful company that it would NEVER, ever be down…

  16. Cornelia Cunningham

    This only proves one thing, no website is 100% perfect. One way or another they will have a downtime.

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