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Make Money At Home By Collecting Coins

I have this bad habit of leaving spare coins and forgetting about it. Sometimes, I leave them in my pants’ pockets. Sometimes, I just put them on a table. Sometimes, I put them at the top of the refrigerator. Sometimes, I just leave them in the car.

My wife saw an opportunity. When she saw this bad habit of mine, she started collecting all those coins I left behind. Yesterday, she showed me how much coins she collected for almost one year.


Collecting Coins

Collected Coins

Collected Coins

Collected Coins

We counted them and guess what, it amounted to P4000+! I can’t believe I was wasting P4000+ in a year by leaving those spare coins behind. Almost equivalent to a $100 in Google Adsense. 🙂

Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. Wow 4k na? Galing naman!

  2. galing naman ni shella naipon talaga. kung sa akin yan eh pang fishball na yan!!!

  3. hehehe… ako dati ng naglilinis ng bahay natin nina ron eh nakakuha ng pang-jolibee.. kaya hindi na nakakapagtaka…

  4. Wow! Ako, ginagawa ko rin yan. I have this big piggy bank (dati kawayan) and I save my loose coins when I arrive at home. Ayos rin, nakakarami ka rin eh eheheh!

  5. ito pala un kinekwento ng wife ko knina sakin.ahehe

  6. wow, your wife gave me an idea! you sound so much like my husband!

  7. wow, P4000 in coins?? ANDAMI namaan! haha =D nice one sir macuha! =D

  8. As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned. I also hate coins but I learned a few years back that instead of hating them, I could just save them by putting them in a coinbank. yearly earnings are around 800 pesos for me!

  9. haha! ako din nag iipon ng coins. pati 25 cents.. wah! bilangin ko na kaya. hehe 😀

  10. last April 2009, my wife deposited to our bank account P8,000+ of coins (10, 5 and 1) which she collected from November 2008 to April 2009. Now, from May 2009, the 5 liter mineral water container is already half-filled of coins.

  11. for me di na naiipon kasi nakukuha na ng mga kids pambili ng coke.

  12. wow! that is much! hahhaha… ako din nag-iipon ng loose coins sa office pagdating ko… ung barya nilalagay ko sa isang baso.. pati 5 cents na sukli sa SM nilalagay ko… ayun… nagagamit ko syang pamasahe pauwi paminsan-minsan… hahhaha… kaya pala nagkakaubusan ng 5 peso coins.. hoarding daw ang tawag dyan… hindi umiikot ang pera.. wahehehehe… gastusin na! aaawww! 😀

  13. I have been collecting coins left from my school days. I made am empy talcum powder tin into a coin box. whenever it is filled I open it up and I always had a good amount for my school needs. I still have the habitat of collecting coins.

  14. You can make your kids to collect the coins you leave behind in you pants’ pockets, top of refigerator/table etc. and let them buy what they want with it. You can teach your kids the value of every penny they collect.

  15. Hey! Your habit of leaving coins anywhere is much similar to my husband. He always used to do this. And I collect these coins..

  16. I started that hobby years ago. There was a year when I accumulated P 10,000.00 ! What I did was a made a wooden “piggy bank.” I only put in coins that are P5 or P 10, I “break” the piggy bank on December, take the money to the bank and use to to buy stocks 🙂

    P 1 is too cumbersome to count. Usually , the P 1, I give them to my helpers for their fare whenever they go to the market. But I still have a special place for them.

  17. Hi good day, Sir can any of you help me promote this 3D animated infomercial for the Halalan 2010 tjat I have created. I hope you can share this to other pinoys as they may share them to others as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T3W0BqimmU Thank you very much have a nice day!

  18. I have the same habit, but like your wife, I pool them inside a container. Also I leave some in the car for parking “fees” or beggars.

  19. I also have the same bad habit. I have coins everywhere. In my room, in my bags, in my pants’ pockets, etc. But I don’t really collect them. Sometimes, I just put it in pockets of my bags so that when I need spare coins in instances such as fares in jeeps, etc., I have something to use.

  20. naks naman! andami nyan ah. saka ko na bibilangin yung naipon ko….

  21. MAsubukan nga!

    Nung bata ako ay palagi ko iaying ginagawa eh pero nung tumanda na ako ay hindi na.

  22. Your wife really smart and wise… She can help you as husband for handling money… From little one we can do the great one.. That can safe our money… Thank to share…

  23. I have the same habit. I leave coins everywhere I go when I am at home. The good thing is that no one gets it and I just ‘discover’ them when I need to buy chips at the sari-sari store.

  24. buti na lang kuya magaling si mrs mag save.

  25. i have the same habit too. the coins left at my car was quite useful for the toll fees, rags purchases, coins for parking dispatchers. yung sa badminton bag naman ay para sa tubig. like selboy, i also have this 6 liter mineral water container para sa coins at home. minsan, i think marami rami na rin siguro naipon yung laundry woman ko. i sometime left (umknowingly) bills sa pocket ng pants ko.

  26. My sister bought a gold pendle by collecting coins. Daily she use to take coins whenever her husband do empty his cloth pockets.

  27. This what happened in the UK –

    “Can a 20p piece be worth £50? Well, yes, actually – and it’s worth having a rummage in your purse or wallet right now to see if you’re £49.80 up.

    About 200,000 of the coins have instantly jumped in value after the Royal Mint announced it had made a rare mistake and forgot to put a date on them.

    They are worth £50 if returned to the mint now but – because of their rarity – could rapidly rise in value in the coming years.”

  28. Nice post however making money really involves a profit element

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