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I’d Rather Get Punched In The Face Than Let My Dog Travel With Cebu Pacific

Yeah, getting punched in the face is better than letting Ganda travel with Cebu Pacific.

Punch In The FaceWhy? This happened 3 years ago. A healthy dog that survived travelling 12 hours from New York to Philippines died on board Cebu Pacific travelling from Manila to Davao! For less than 2 hours, the dog died from hyperthermia or heatstroke. Read the whole story here.

It happened before. It might happen again. We don’t want to risk losing Ganda. Since we already booked our flight with Cebu Pacific, we’ll just leave Ganda in Batangas instead of bringing her to Davao. Maybe, next time, we’ll travel by PAL.

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Marhgil Macuha

Marhgil Macuha is a Computer Engineering graduate of Batangas State University. He is currently a Senior Solutions Developer at a Canadian IT company.


  1. what a shame! i’d be suing that airline if I am the owner of the dog.

  2. Maybe the Dog suffocated to death in the air-tight cargo section.

    Pare, welcome to Davao. Walang paputok dito. hehe

  3. So sa mga pet owners dyan… PAL nalang talaga para sure…

  4. sayang… sana the owner still pursued the legal case against Cebu Pacific; a paper stating that they received their things “in good condition” is irrelevant if there is prima facie evidence that they didn’t. Cebu Pacific shouldn’t “force” the paper for the dog owner to sign if they know the obvious. That’s negligence and truly an act of abuse on Cebu Pacific’s part.
    Moreover, The Court, on special cases, sometimes go with the merit of the case rather than depend on special laws; so even though there is no ground to punish a wrong-doer based on a special law – he may still be punished if the Court sees that he acted in bad faith and prejudiced his victim.
    Tama sir Macuha, don’t take the risk haha, happy trip! 😀

  5. That’s right. They should have sued Cebu Pacific. The management was really negligent on that part. Alam naman nilang aso yun, they should have checked muna kung san nila ilalagay without compromising the dogs life.

  6. Wow! After reading, I would like to help by spreading it too.. ^_^

  7. I really appreciate your comments. Keep it up.

  8. I did not know they are like this! I will never fly with them!

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